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Revive ‘Chandranna Bheema’ for fishermen: Anagani

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Senior Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leader and MLA Anagani Satyaprasad on Sunday appealed to Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy, to immediately revive the ‘Chandranna Bheema’ (insurance) scheme for fishermen as they are facing untold hardships as they are not getting any assistance from the Government.

In a letter to the Chief Minister, the MLA said that he wants to bring the problems being faced by the fishermen community in the State for the past three years as they are not getting any welfare scheme benefits or financial assistance from the government.

Anagani Satyaprasad, in the letter, made a request to the Chief Minister, who always talks about ‘Naadu Nedu’ to think at least once as to how the fishermen, who progressed well during the TDP, are suffering now.

“How long you will cheat the fishermen by only pressing the button and just uttering sweet words in the public meetings,” the MLA asked the Chief Minister. “Is it not a fact that the Chief Minister hit the fishermen below their belt with the GO 217 and why the ponds, being managed by the fishermen, were handed over to the contractors?” he said.

By hiking the petrol, diesel and power charges the fishermen are literally being subjected to looting, the MLA said, adding that other benefits like supplying boats to them on subsidy, nets and engines too are discontinued thus hitting them financially. Terming this as a vengeful attitude adopted towards the fishermen community, Anagani Satyaprasad demanded that the schemes implemented during Chandranbabu regime be revived forthwith to save the community from the current financial crisis.

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