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Riddhi Dogra chatters about the wilds of love

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We are freer than ever, but Riddhi Dogra’s character in the most recent web series, christened Badtameez Dil, fills us with old-world charm once again. The actress, who is all set to be seen with Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan in their upcoming big films, pronounced her definition of the essence of love she’s sharing in the series: less expectations set on her reel partner and more.

“I would love to do romantic dramas one more time. Believe it or not, I have seen my own web show almost four times. Stealing glances every now and then added more to my novelty notion. The structure of the series may be stereotypical, but at the same time, it’s messy and chaotic in its own way. Showcasing how love is much more than putting up love-struck captions for each other on your social media. Personally, I’ve been there and done that: love cannot be perfect ever. Even to me, occasionally, love alone doesn’t make sense. So, very happily, I binge-watched my own show,” she chuckled.

We all deserve people who are willing to make an effort to work things out. Don’t we? But Riddhi, on an individual level, is not so indoctrinated about falling in love because: “There is no need to search for love; it cannot be found—it happens! And, when you separate yourself from an extra special relationship, your perspectives tend to change towards maintaining that love we are talking about. More than the platitude phrase “opposites attract”, to me, it’s all about a karmic connection. True love looks and feels a little different from the warm feelings we usually associate with falling in love.”

Yes, there are people looking for a genuine relationship in this hook-up culture! Commenting on the dating concepts that we have at hand, the actress expressed, “Situationships are happening a lot these days; at least that’s what I hear and am reading about.”

Clearly, she’s not living under a rock. She continued, “Among Gen-Z, situationship as a dating trend has grown exponentially, establishing this as a valid relationship status. We are trying to address this in our show! The blend of modern-day dating concepts with age-old love is our way of showing the nuanced combo. I don’t like to give up on my partner or love either! Moreover, love cannot be fashionable. As I am growing older, the picture is getting wider for me, and it’s now that I understand why we jump from one person to another. It’s all about that one special person!”

Reconciling with Ekta Kapoor, the actress communicates a broad hint about the former as a cool showrunner in the industry. “I don’t have a long association with her, unlike a few of my closest friends. Most of my contemporaries have done television with her on a large scale; I didn’t have the opportunity to yet. Her conceptualization is very creative. I found her to be one of the most gutsy women in our industry! She should be celebrated a lot more than she has. She’s not celebrated enough for her mettlesome nature; what’s the reason? The problem lies in the way the media perceives her; there’s a lot more noise about the men out there! We are always labelled with tags! I remember having a discussion with her when she was irritated with the feeling that users comment on what she wears because, ultimately, she’s a producer. She works like a soldier,” said the actress.

Badtameez Dil was shot at various enamoring locations such as Belgrade, Serbia, and Vladimir — the cinematography needs to be mentioned, and the actress did. Ridhi told in conclusion, “Overall, I was in love with Europe. The history that Belgrade has preserved is what I am infatuated with the most. When we were there, the locals told us about the attacks that the city has endured and how they have conserved it. They didn’t want to forget what was done to them; unfortunately, it was adding a lot of character to our cinematography too. Every day, after pack-up, all of us were hanging out in different corners of Europe. Regardless of how early my call time was!”

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