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Rishab Shetty – A fresh storyteller of the country perfectly essaying the role of an actor, writer, and director

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Rishab Shetty is a storyteller who has changed the demographics of storytelling in the Indian entertainment industry. With the phenomenal success of his single holding, Kantara, he ruled over the entire 2022. As the film emerged as a global box office blockbuster Rishab was a writer, director, and actor in the film, presented strong proof of his keen interest in delivering a fresh story that has never been seen before on the big screen. Bringing a story from the heartlands of India in Kantara, Rishab established that its only fresh content that rules the hearts of the audience.

With Kantara, Rishab brought a story from the heartlands of India with a fresh perspective and introduced the audience to the real grassroots culture of India and its traditions. Conveying a story inspired by the divinity of Panjurli Daiva, with, Kantara, Rishab presented a visual splendor that brought alive the traditional culture of Kambala and Bhoota Kola art form to the forefront. The heart of the story was on human and nature conflict which is deeply rooted in the coastal culture and folklore of Karnataka. If we look at delivering a story that is rich in human emotions, Rishab has truly made it worthwhile with Kantara.

It is truly commendable that with only one film, Kantara, Rishab gave a solid example of his proficiency. The film set examples of its success on almost all grounds. Having received an amazing response from the audience and the critics, the film was immensely praised by prominent dignitaries, from the entertainment world, the cricket world, and even the Prime Minister of India, the honorable Narendra Modi.

Kantara has hit the right chords of the audience and it has paved a successful run at the box office. Ahead of this, the constant rise in its demand led to adding 50 more screens in Karnataka even after its release on OTT. The film was also released in the TULU version in Australia setting its global footprint. Moreover, At the box office, the film emerged as the second highest-grossing Kannada film of all time and was also 2022’s third highest-grossing film in India.

This indeed speaks volumes of a storyteller, Rishab Shetty, who always believes in introducing the audience to a fresh story and Kantara is a live example. Moreover, Rishab has left the audience in absolute surprise with the announcement of the upcoming part of Kantara which is going to be a prequel.

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