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Rocket Boys 2 was shot alongside the season 1, revealed actor Ishwak Singh

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Ishwak Singh is all set to bring the character of India’s notable physicist Dr Vikram Sarabhai back on screen.The teaser for Rocket Boys Season 2 is out and it looks like all the actors and creators have churned out a thrilling show.

Although season 2 is releasing exactly one year after season 1, the actors have maintained the feel and look of the character’s uniform. Ishwak spills some beans on that. He reveals most part of season 2 was shot during the shoot of season 1 to ensure the flow of characters remained the same. He reveals the writer had written the script so beautifully and laid out his plan in a way to allow the shoot of season 2 to continue while the shoot of season 1 was on.

Ishwak says, “Abhay Pannu laid out the master plan for both seasons beforehand. It’s an interwoven and layered story that whilst showing personal and professional growth of characters remains rooted in the ethos of storytelling.

It helped to shoot a huge part of season 2 with the 1st, however because the prep before the shoot was so thorough that I never experienced any disjunction when we went back to the set after almost a year to complete season. And most importantly It was all also a result of a strong bond between the actors and the director”.

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