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Rs 255 crore needed to repair roads in GHMC area

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Due to the heavy rains in the GHMC area, many roads were damaged. As per a statement given in the Legislative Council, Rs 255.66 crore is needed for road repairs in Hyderabad and approval is in progress.

Across the state, 419 houses were completely destroyed while 7,505 houses were partially damaged. Rs 76 crore is needed for temporary repairs in ULBs and Rs 304 crore for permanent repairs in 141 ULBs. 34 oxen, 438 cows, 14 bulls, 399 sheep and 81,129 hens were lost. Animal husbandry losses are estimated at Rs 16.71 crore. Total losses amounted to Rs 38.51 crore.

Minister Vemula Prashanth Reddy said that KCR is not a leader who poses for photographs.

He said that KCR had supervised relief during the flood and conducted project-wise monitoring of the Godavari basin.

He said that KCR had worked hard to minimise loss of life and property. He said that eight NDRF teams were made available after the heavy rains and floods. A helicopter and the Army were deployed in Moranchapalli.

He said that 1,500 people were rescued by the fire brigade and 139 villages were hit by the flood. Agricultural lands affected by sand mining are being assessed. Later, the Council adjourned till Friday.

The government made an announcement in the Council regarding the rains and floods. Due to the rains in July, people in around 139 villages were shifted to 157 safety centres. They comprised 27,062 people from around 7,870 families.

The Irrigation Department needs Rs 178.1 crore to fully repair the damage caused by the rain havoc.

The R&B department needs Rs 235.77 crore for immediate repairs and Rs 1,771.47 crore for permanent repairs.

The PR&RD needs Rs 187.71 crore for temporary repairs and Rs 1,526.74 crore for permanent repairs. Water supply pipelines were damaged in 64 villages affecting 25,418 families.

773 villages were affected by power supply disruptions. Of this, 769 villages have now got back power. The electricity department lost 23,075 poles worth Rs 62.98 crore and 3,405 DTRs.

The Cabinet decided to release Rs 500 crore immediately to all departments to take up repairs.

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