Saturday, April 13, 2024

Rs.4,60,000 cash seized as part of election code of conduct

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Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Commissioner and District Election Officer Ronald Rose stated that a total of Rs 4,60,000 in cash was seized by various election enforcement units in Hyderabad district from 6 am on Sunday to 6 am on Monday in accordance with the Election Code of Conduct and various items worth Rs 3,06,193 were seized.
He said that the flying squad seized Rs 3,45,000 in cash while  Rs 1,15,000 cash was seized by the police. The District Election Officer stated that 22 complaints were received regarding the transportation of cash and other goods and 20 FIRs were registered till the last day, About 360.90 liters of illegal liquor was seized and cases were registered and 20 people arrested.
Till date, after issuance of election notification, Ronald Rose said that 61 cases were registered against 61 people and 63 people were arrested for stealing Rs 2,24,81,800, Rs 32, 91,571 of various goods and 1045.065 liters of liquor were seized.

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