Thursday, November 30, 2023

Rs 603 crore inducements seized in Telangana poll

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In a record of sorts, Enforcement Agencies of the State and Centre seized cash, liquor, drugs, gold and freebies worth Rs 603 crores seized since the release of schedule for ensuing General Elections to Telangana Legislative Assembly. Out of this, the share of cash is to the tune of Rs 214 crores.
A total of Rs 96 crores worth of liquor is seized so far, In the last 24 hours Rs 9.42 crores worth liquor is seized.
A total of Rs 34 crores worth drugs/narcotics is seized so far. In the last 24 hours, Rs 53 lakh worth drugs/narcotics are seized.
A total of Rs 179 crore worth gold and other precious metals are seized so far.
A total of Rs 78 crores worth freebies like rice, sarees, mobiles are seized so far. In the last 24 hours Rs 27 lakhs worth freebies are seized.
So far 22,254 permissions are given through Suvidha portal at district/ Constituency levels to Candidates/Political parties. 5183 complaints are received through c-Vigil and were attended.
Since the release of schedule for the ensuing Assembly elections, 1950 helpline received 1987 calls. As far as the complaints registered at National Grievance Redressal Service (NGRS) 20,670 complaints are received. Of this 20301 are resolved.  Through District Call Centre 4673 complaints were received and 4543 are resolved.
Though everyone is aware of the total and absolute ban on the use of official vehicles for campaigning, electioneering or election related travel during elections in Telangana, one should notice that this rule is equally applicable to the official vehicles coming into our State from other States too either openly or clandestinely, even if there is no poll there. The use of such vehicles belonging to authorities including Ministers of the Central or State Government, in the guise of official work is totally prohibited for campaigning or on tours connected with elections. The exception will be the political personalities whose security requirements are governed by statutory provisions.
Election commission directs that vehicles shall, under no circumstances, be allowed to move in convoys of more than ten, excluding security vehicles.

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