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‘Rules Ranjann stands out as an out-and-out entertainer as compared to films releasing on October 6’

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Nirnitha Nannapuraju
Actor Kiran Abbavaram not only enraptures the audience with his looks, but also someone who promises to be a part of some really great projects. Well, adding to his list is the upcoming talk-of-the-town film Rules Ranjann, which is all set to hit theaters on October 6.
The film that is being presented by AM Ratnam and produced under the banners Star Light Entertainments and Sai Surya Movies also stars Neha Sshetty, Vennela Kishore, Himani, Vaishali, Jayavani, Mumtaz, Satya, and Annu Kapoor, among the rest. Now with the name Rules Ranjann one might think of nothing but rules and regulations. However, Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru actor shares, “Don’t go by the title Rules Ranjann, there is nothing specific as far as rules are concerned, the film is a wholesome comedy. I’ve been saying this ever since we began the promotional activity. Audiences should only expect unlimited comedy. Like the way you people felt watching the trailer, I can say audiences will continue laughing at the situational comedy for the entire runtime of two hours and thirty minutes.”
Overwhelmed with the response that the trailer had received—over 13 million views—he says, “The film stands out as an out and out family comedy entertainer in competition with Chinna, Mama Mascheendra, and Month of Madhu, which are also releasing on the same day.”
Basically, Kiran plays the character Mano Ranjan, who is an innocent chap. Sharing more deets about his character he gracefully shares, “I was a little soft in Raja Varu Rani Garu. You must have come across a few children who are nursed so carefully and affectionately within the precincts of his house. All comforts are at their disposal. So Mano Ranjan is someone who had that kind of upbringing. He doesn’t know how to react if someone blames him. When he faces certain situations, he places rules on the people who restrict him. That’s the most entertaining part in the film. When everything goes smoothly, a girl enters his life. How does Mano Ranjan turn into Rules Ranjann? How entertaining his life is going to be further is the story.”
When The Pioneer exclusively spoke to the Sammathame actor about how much he would rate the film, he gives it a three star. For the unaware, before that he tried his luck into the world of cinema, he had worked as a software engineer. And so, while shooting Rules Ranjann, he could recall his old days, and shares, “I was working in Chennai. I din’t know the language there. Hailing from a rural village, I was not even aware of how a cafeteria would be. It was difficult for me to adapt to that work culture, office etiquette, etc. All those have been incorporated into the film.” Going ahead, while he shares feeling great to be associated with the DJ Tillu fame Neha Sshetty, he also speaks of the biggest plus points in the film—Vennela Kishore’s comedy timing and casting big and experienced actors in the film, which added much more power to the film.
“Comedy and Emotional scenes are my biggest strength, and I can easily pull them off,” shares Kiran, who shares that Naalo Nenu Lenu is one of his favourite tracks from the film.
Kiran, who is also in talks with the director to come up with a social drama, shares, “I love doing experimental films and few of the directors approached me with good scripts. Now, I’m ready to do experimental films.”
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