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‘S5 No Exit has an unimaginative narrative’

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Tarakaratna starrer S5 No Exit is all set to hit the theaters on December 30. Just two days before its release, director Bharat Komalapati, and producer Gautham Kondepudi interacts with the Hyderabadi media and shares some interesting insights about the film.

PNS | Hyderabad

S5 No Exit starring Tarakaratna, Prince, Sunil, Ali, and Sai Kumar is being promoted on a grand scale. The film, a horror thriller is directed by Bharat Komalapati is produced by Adoori Pratap Reddy, Devu Samuel, Shaikh Rehim, Melki Reddy Gade, and Gautham Kondepudi under the banner Shourie Entertainments.

Ahead of the film’s release on the 30th of this month, the director of the film Bharat and producer Gautham spoke to the media about the film.Bharat Komalapati said, “I started working in the field from 2004.The original plan was to emerge as a hero. After then, my friends gave me the affirmation that I was dancing well after they saw me perform in a few a programmes. I then took part in Aata dance show.Designing a concept for every song became a habit. My reputation as a choreographer consequently improved.

The opportunity to perform a song in Jyotilakshmi was given by Puri Jagannadh. Even though I still work as a choreographer, I was passionate about direction. I used to write various concepts and stories when I was free. S5 No Exit is one such story. An entire coach catches fire on a train going from Hyderabad to Visakha. It will be interesting to know why that single bogie caught fire.”

In the film, Tarakaratna plays the role of Subbu. “He is the son of CM Sai Kumar. A coach is booked to celebrate his birthday. All of them decorate the bogi and have a party. Then suddenly the coach doors close.There is no exit. Then there is the fire. Why the fire actually happened, how it happened, and what happened afterward are very interesting. The narrative is unimaginative,” added the director about the story of the upcoming film.

The director says there is also a political drama angle to this. “Tarakaratna worked hard for this movie for 45 days. He is a man who does not speak much but follows the word of his father. Also, the performance of Ali in the role of TC and Sunil in another key role is impressive. An animated song comes before the start of the movie. I am confident that all those who will watch the movie will like it,” said Bharat adding, he is going to do more films as a director.  Meanwhile, producer Gautham said, “Bharat is my friend. He used to tell interesting points and stories that he felt.

One day he told the story of S5 No Exit. I liked it very much and decided to do it with new people. But the story was so good, we decided to go with the padding artists. We started the set work the week after the story was approved. We made this movie without compromising anywhere.That’s why many distributors came to the competition, but Saga Entertainment is releasing the film on a grand scale. So you can understand how much faith they have in the film.

Also, if a music director like Mani Sharma gives a background score to a horror movie, you can only imagine how good this movie is going to be.Cinema-tographer Garuda Vega Anji is also a big strength of our film. It will be released in more than 200 theaters.”

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