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Sagileti Katha – An Original Fun Entertainer set in Rayalaseema

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‘Sagileti Katha’, produced by Ashok Arts and Shade Entertainment, is led by the talented Raviteja Mahadasyam and Vishika Laxman. Set in a Rayalaseema village, this content-driven film is written, edited, shot and directed by newcomer Rajasekhar Sudmoon.

The comedy-drama is presented by hero Navdeep’s C-Space and is jointly produced by Deviprasad Balivada and Ashok Mittapally. The trailer and songs impressed everyone. The film, which will be released in theaters on October 13, had a ‘press premiere’ on Wednesday. Here’s the detailed review,


Kumar (Raviteja Mahadasyam) and his mother Suramma (Ramani) return to their hometown ‘Sagileru’, a rayalaseema village, only to witness the death of a family member the same day. Even before he gets over the tragedy, Kumar falls for Krishna, a local doctor’s daughter.Meanwhile, a villager Rosham’s repeated attempts to eat chicken are thwarted due to trivial reasons. Soon, village heads organise Gangamma jatara to please their deity.There is an uproar among the families of the village elders. What connects these stray incidents?


In terms of the story, it is a true story that takes place in the village of ‘Sagileru’ in 2007. Everyone’s stories and lives are linked with Jatara. The director has tried to show all the panchayat disputes, arguments, debts, petty desires and fights in the village. Attachments, misunderstandings, fights between the village people are normal. But what if the problem between two families becomes the problem of village? “Sagileti Katha” is a film that tells the story of how people behaved in that village.

Director Rajasekhar Sudmoon celebrates his roots and seamlessly integrates his plot with the right commercial flavour and loads of humour. The morose premise doesn’t come in the way of his playful narrative style.The conflicts in the film are jaw-droppingly unconventional and the treatment leaves you amused.The first half focuses more on the love story, establishing the characters that populate this world.

The production values are good and the songs are mostly folk style. Overall a rural atmosphere was created and it impresses audience.

Plus Points:

Raviteja Mahadasyam and Vishika Laxman are a very cute couple and thier chemistry is amazing on screen. Music is the soul of this film. Jaswant’s music and background music enhances every scene.

Raviteja Mahadasyam impresses with his performance and Vishika Laxman entertains with her charm.

Narasimha Prasad has done hundred percent justice to the role & he brings fun dimension to the story. He is the star of the show with a easy going, liberated performance, portraying how far a foodie can go to fulfil his desires.

Rajasekhar Aningi plays the hot-blooded village head with assurance.

The screenplay is very new and connects well with everyone

The Interval & Climax are shot well and it will surprise everyone

Minus points:

The director focused more on showing the village and the crazy characters than the story. If he focussed little more on the story, the film would’ve been more entertaining and engaging. The heroine gets performance oriented role and she couldn’t utilize it properly. Narasimha Prasad’s scenes felt a bit stretched. Revealing twists doesn’t blend within the story and it makes the story less gripping.

Final Review:

Sagileti Katha is a story of our town and our people. While watching the film, you will feel like, you’ve seen all the characters from your village. The film’s original writing, technical finesse and sparkling performances deliver a unique wholesome entertainer with the blend of food, love, vengeance and humour. A good watch for the weekend with families.

Tag Line: “Sagileti Katha Review: A Cinematic Gem That Warms Hearts and Evokes Laughter”

Rating: 3/5

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