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Sahil Salathia: British museums to me, are a little bit of a joke

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Actor Sahil Salathia takes The Pioneer through his recent travel experience of London, and Barcelona, for our weekly segment of Travel Tales.


Paurashpur fame Sahil Salathia was in the vibrant and the so so excited city of the world’s best sights — London, he had so much to do. Saw so many things on the streets and in fact, in conversation with us convinced us to go too but there was a catch. “The biggest downer of the city is the weather though, so bad and unpredictable. It’s not one of my favourite cities to go to, it’s way down on my list. I was there for a good spring break! It’s a decent place to go but not one of the craziest expeditions you can have. The plus there is the restaurants and everyone should visit the Hyde Park. Just spend some time with yourself on the green grass, the cleanest park I have ever seen,” shared the software engineer-turned-actor.

British museums to him are a little bit of a joke. Nothing is original over there and stolen from the rest of the world as per what Sahil saw! He requested that it be 2023 — he just hopes that they return all the stuff they have stolen from the world. It’s high time! Where are their own local, original success stories? He just didn’t stop — “Their fashion game is also not that strong, they are not stylish. Britishers are not the people you can learn from. I am a vocal for local man, our designers are incredible.”

The Kingdom Palace is something to see, royalty lives there. And, the London Eye! He continued, “I have been to London a few times so I wasn’t so high on the tourism industry. The lifestyle is pretty good. I was there for the King’s coronation as well—the whole city was on the streets. All of them paid tribute to the new king! It was an iconic moment for me.”

He went to York, Leeds, and was there for forty days so that’s a long time. Once, he stayed at Taj Buckingham Palace, a collaboration. He was well taken care of because it’s an Indian brand, and they are always happy to have actors. The rest of the time he was living in an Airbnb.

“When it comes to my own country, Rajasthan tops the list because of the palaces they have. So exquisite and rich in heritage. And, when under intense pressure after a hectic schedule I like to go back to my home in Jammu. Another pick would be Bali because it’s very therapeutic,” added the trained actor.

He was in Barcelona recently, and just kept his wallet at a coffee shop for a second since he was in a queue. His wallet wasn’t there! “You have to be very careful in Europe, people are very skilled at stealing things. They have degrees on how to steal (he laughed out loud).”

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