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Sai Dharam Tej: I want to go on a break & focus on my health

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With the much-anticipated Pawan Kalyan-Sai Dharam Tej starrer Bro nearing its release, actor Sai Dharam Tej spills some beans about the upcoming film.

K. Ramya Sree

We have been talking about the movie Bro for quite some time now and we recently spoke to the movie’s director Samuthirakani and gave you some interesting details about the film that is all ready to be released in theatres on July 28. What if we tell you that the lead actor in the movie Sai Dharam Tej spilled more information about the movie ahead of its release? Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Let’s hear from the actor himself on what made him come on board Bro: “First and foremost, I got the opportunity to act with a person who encouraged me to step forward in the movie industry. I didn’t even listen to the story then. It was a remake, I okayed it. I didn’t even watch the Tamil original Vinodhaya Sitham because I may get influenced by the original story. This is my tribute to Kalyan Garu. The film was a chance to prove myself as an actor.”

The actor further expressed his belief that Bro is going to be very impactful. “There is a pre-climax conversation between me and Kalyan garu and it is so insightful that I can’t describe it in words. But the depth that dialogues have is a different vibe altogether and I am grateful for Trivikram Garu’s dialogues and screenplay.”

As mentioned earlier, Sai Tej is sharing screen space with his mama aka Pawan Kalyan for the first time and this got the actor very nervous, as Pawan Kalyan is someone Sai Tej always looks up to in life.

During the interaction the actor recalled being extremely nervous on sets and that Pawan Kalyan took him aside and addressed the issue. However, the actor confessed that he made many memories shooting for this movie. He said, “I cherished my time spent with my Guru, my mentor, and my mama Pawan Kalyan. He can’t be substituted. To bring forth the best in me, he really pushed me. The entire family enjoys this combination of us. Even though I could feel the pressure, I enjoyed it thoroughly. This movie was like a learning curve for me. Each day, all through the film schedule of 21 days, I happened to spend a sweet time with Kalyan mama. The first shot would be around 7.15 am in the morning, and we would pack up the work by evening 5.30. I learnt a lot.”

He further expressed his interest in working with actors like Ravi Teja, Prabhas, Manchu Manoj, Kalyan Ram, and Taraka Ram. “I have a dream to act with all three uncles – Nagendra Babu, Megastar Chiranjeevi, and Pawan Kalyan. I have done two films with Nagendra Babu mama — Subramanyam For Sale and Jawaan. So, the tip of the iceberg is Bro. And the main thing is to do a film with Chiranjeevi garu. I want to do films with my cousins too,” he expressed.

On the other hand, the actor was all praise for the leading ladies in the movie Ketika Sharma and Priya Prakash Varrier. He said, “Ketika and Priya were one of the most hardworking women I have seen in my career. I know Ketika because she worked alongside my brother Vaishnav Tej. Even though they are not natives of the Telugu language, they were able to pull out very well. That is something that I have to give credit for their effort. The boundaries of the characters would not go overboard. They have their limitations. So the romance part is also going to be moderately good. The story sends out a good message.”

Lastly, many people are wondering if Sai Tej is really taking a break from movies, and during this chat, he confessed that he ‘is’ going on a break from acting, only to focus on his health. He shared, “Yes, I wanted a break after Virupaksha. Since Bro started before that, I wanted to finish it and go for a break. I want to make sure that my health is regained to my best. Right now, I want to go on a break and focus on my health. I already have a film with Sampath Nandi garu. I have done a short film (23 mins) with my best friend Naveen. That will be coming soon. The concept is very beautiful. It is basically about the perspective of a soldier’s wife. How a soldier would sacrifice his family for the security of the motherland. — it goes along the lines.”

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