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Saiee Manjrekar: Dancing on the rocky terrains for Skanda was a test for me

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All set with her upcoming release, actress Saiee Manjrekar sits down with The Pioneer over an exclusive chat about Skanda, going a step ahead in acting with the project, and more.


The month of September is drawing to a close, and it is the time when the entertainment industry gears up for a grand finale, releasing some highly anticipated films. Skanda among the lined-up releases, promises an entertaining cinematic experience.

Let’s delve into the exclusive interview with one of the leading ladies Saiee Manjrekar, as she’s set to hit the screens and captivate audiences in this final week of the month!

“Skanda’s whole set-up is actually really good. To cast Ram Pothineni was nothing short of eminence. We did trial after trial to get my look right, it’s very important for an actress. But yes, somewhere down the line I would love to move away from doing the roles of just romantic interests,” shared the Major fame.

Our cinema is a mirror that reflects time. So she’s okay with not playing a decorative subject always, and rather become a strong force in the cinema. Thus far, “This doesn’t mean the romantic interests I have played weren’t solid, they were. In the movie Major—I had so much to do even as a wife. My style of acting has changed for Skanda. I have gone a step further.”

Skanda is an action-packed entertainer directed by the illustrious Boyapati Srinu. The film, produced by Srinivasa Chitturi, is all set to premiere on September 28. But the protagonist spilled her guts out a little bit more, “We shot the popular song of the movie in the fields. Bits and pieces of it at the waterfall too! So dancing on such rocky terrains was a test for me. We were shooting in Mysore, and then on and off Hyderabad. As soon as our dance sequences used to finish, and cut to all of us gobbling down the local food of Mysore. The restaurants at Mysore were really cool.”

A unique aspect of Skanda all of them will be seen in distinctive roles, promising a thrilling cinematic experience for their fans and the actress continues, “As a director and actor himself, my father is really happy with my filmography in South. The feedback is also getting better! Then Ram and I bonded over food and travelling a lot when in Hyderabad together. I always saw him taking care of the crew members as much as he could. Now when comparisons are being drawn between Sreeleela and myself, we can’t be the same. Even after bagging so many projects, she continues with her hard work and has a very pleasant personality off-screen. I would love to have the mass popularity though. In fact, I even admire Keerthy Suresh’s line-up. And I am not worried about the critics.”

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