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Satya Column: No credible leader among Oppn as an alternative to Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s brother Sombhai Modi has advised the PM to take rest for some time. For, he had observed that Modi has been working tirelessly since he was voted to power in 2014. Sombhaialso said that none would be able to ignore the developmental works initiated by the BharatiyaJanata Party government since 2014.  For that matter, everyone in the nation has similar feelings.

Eversince Modi became the PM, he has been working 16 hours a day without taking a day off. Ever since Modi returned to the country after attending the G-20 nations’ conference in Indonesia, he has been leading a hectic life with no leisure even for a day.

The BJP has ruled Gujarat for 27 years. When a party has ruled a state for so long, it is normal for one to expect an anti-establishment wave. However, the people of Gujarat will forget everything the moment they see Modi and welcome BJP on a large scale. Even people angry with the local MLA and the local administration were seen welcoming Modi warmly in all the constituencies. People were seen vying with one another to catch the attention of Modi during his roadshow in Valsad.

A lady teacher told a TV channel: “Modi is our PM. He is working day and night to take the country to number one position in the world. Therefore, all women will vote en masse for him”.

A young man, speaking to media, said, “CM is important to people of state, but more important is PM Narendra Modi. After Modi became PM, developmental works picked up pace in the state. We have come to know what the double-engine government is.”

Modi never forgot Gujarat despite his hectic schedule in Delhi. He never missed an opportunity to visit Gujarat. That is why the people of the state regard him as their leader. Modi is in the hearts and minds of people of all states.  

Over the past three weeks, he has addressed at least three or four rallies. The road show addressed by Modi on December 1 could be termed as the most historic. At least 10 lakh people took part in the road show.The 50-km-long road show was described as the longest and biggest roadshow by the media. During the four-hour-long road show, he campaigned in 14 constituencies, addressing people from an open-top jeep. Every political analyst has forecast that the BJP would romp home with more seats than ever before.

Vexed with the Congress and regional parties’ rotten politics as well as corrupt and family rule, people, especially youth and women, want the Modi -led BJP to rule the country. This explains why many leaders seek to cross over to the BJP from other parties. There is no credible leader among the opposition parties as a viable alternative to Modi.

Sadly, in 2017 Congress leader Mani Sankar Aiyar called Modi a ‘neechaadmi’, while Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge called Modi 100-head Ravana.Modiis safeguarding the country’s honour at the global level and working indefatigably to give India a significant place among the rapidly developing nations. He is responsible for building a magnificent Ram temple in Ayodhya. The Congress’ description of Modi as Ravanaindicates the party’s animosity towards the PM.

After concluding his tour of Gujarat, Modi on Monday cast his vote and reached Delhi and addressed party field officers at the BJP national office. The meeting, attended by BJP state unit presidents and organizational secretaries, discussed the strategy to be adopted to win the 2024 Lok Sabha elections as well as the credibility of people. Modi always plans what he should do the next minute and makes others also think like him.This is his characteristic style. That is why the government functions continuously under his leadership. So is the case with the party, which is working actively amid people.

After the BJP national field officers’ meeting, Modi held an all-party meeting to discuss the G-20 summit. Heads of various nations will take part in the G-20 summit to be held in September 2023. In the run-up to the summit, India is supposed to hold 200 preparatory meetings. Foreign Ministers of various countries, along with higher authorities of those nations, will take part in the summit.

Modi had invited CMs of states and leaders of opposition parties to the meeting to discuss measures to be taken to uphold the honour bestowed on India. It reflects his leadership style and team spirit.

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