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Satya Column: No dearth of opportunities in BJP for committed leaders

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It has been proved time and again that the criticism about leaders who crossed over to the BJP from other parties would not be able to adjust themselves in the party and would not get opportunities, does not hold good.

There is no dearth of opportunities for leaders who are efficient and committed to the party ideology. On several occasions, it was proved after Narendra Modi became the PM.

Biswasa Karma, who joined the BJP from the Congress eight years ago, became the CM of Assam two years ago. Jitin Prasad, who was a member of the Manmohan Singh government, who joined the BJP two years ago became a Cabinet member in Yogi Adityanath Cabinet in UP. Leader belonging to MP, Jyotir Aditya Scindia, who held several posts in erstwhile Manmohan Singh Cabinet, is now holding the portfolio of the Union Civil Aviation Ministry in Modi Cabinet.

Surinder Singh Nagar, who took reins as the BJP national secretary, was in the Samaj Wadi Party till 2019. Kerala leader Anil Antony, who was with the Congress till four months ago, is also saddled with BJP national secretary post.

Etala Rajender, who joined the BJP two years ago, is appointed chairman of the BJP election management committee. DK Aruna, who joined the BJP four years ago, was elevated to the post of national vice-president within one year of joining the party. There is no doubt that the BJP is benefited with the two experienced leaders embracing the party.

In this backdrop, there is no surprise in the BJP leadership elevating Daggubati Purandeshwari to the post of AP president of the party. Purandeshwari, who is regarded as the most talented, brought laurels to whichever post she had held.

Purandeshwari is recognised not merely as the daughter of matinee idol NT Rama Rao but also for her skill in speaking fluently in many languages. Hence, she was appointed Prabhari of BJP national Mahila Morcha. Subsequenty, she was made responsible for the Odisha state BJP.

At the same time, the BJP did not ignore the leaders who are long standing in the party and also worked hard investing their talent and energy for the sake of the party day and night.

In this backdrop, newly appointed BJP national general secretary Bandi Sanjay Kumar’s success story is a novel one. He was a municipal corporator from 2005 to 2019 in Karimnagar Municipal Corporation. He proved himself as a fighter. With his fighting spirit, he was elected to the Lok Sabha from Karimnagar. Later, he went on to become the Telangana State BJP president. He undertook a whirlwind tour of the state and gave edge to the BJP. In recognition of his services to the party, the BJP handed him the reins of the office of the general secretary at the national level.

Do leaders in Congress get such recognition? Even if the services of a leader are recognised by the Congress, it would cause disenchantment among other leaders. Noticing that the Congress has grown weak at the national level. Many leaders bade good bye to it and joined the BJP and other parties.

Priyanka Chaturvedi, irked at the Congress leadership not disciplining the party leaders who conducted themselves towards her indecently, quit the Congress to join Shiv Sena.

The party has no recognised senior or youth leaders for the Congress at the national level. It should not be forgotten that Hemant Biswa Sarma, Bhuvaneshwar Kalita, Sunil Jakhad, Jitendra Prasad, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Anil Antony, Tom Vadakkan and the ilk crossed over to the BJP.

Noticing the style of functioning of the Congress, they are taking shelter in the BJP as they sensed that the Congress has no future.

The newly appointed BJP general secretary Anil Antony came under severe criticism of the Congress as he condemned the BBC criticism against PM Narendra Modi. He could not stand the criticism against the PM by an overseas organisation. He regarded it as a challenge to the nation’s sovereignty. Differing with the Congress stand on the issue, he quit the AICC social media in-charge post and joined the BJP.

What would be the answer of critics of BJP, who allege that people of other faiths would find no place in the saffron party, to the appointment of Anil Antony?

Tom Vadakkan, who joined the BJP a few months ago, is also a Christian. He is the convener of All-India Christian Council. He could not stand the criticism against BJP following the surgical strikes carried out by the government on Balakot. Unable to the anti-national perspective of his party, Tom crossed over to the BJP.

BJP was never against the poor and backward Muslims. Appointing former VC of Aligarh Muslim University Tariq Mansoor as the BJP national vice-president stands as a testimony to this.

PM Narendra Modi went on record in several states that the backward Pasmanda Muslims should get due priority as they are deprived of their right place in society and are being regarded as untouchables.

The Centre and UP government have been ensuring that the state and central government schemes are trickled down to the Pasmanda Muslims in UP. That is why, the BJP won many Muslim majority seats in the local body elections. In 395 constituencies, 80 per cent of the Muslim candidates fielded by Muslims are Pasmanda Muslims. The BJP won from the Muslim-majority Suvar Assembly and Rampur Lok Sabha constituencies. Tariq Mansoor, who hails from Pasmanda Muslim community, was sent to the UP legislative Council.

Having made an Adivasi woman Draupadi Murmu the President of the country, the BJP is giving priority to appoint Adivasis. In a latest development, Lata Usendi of Chattisgarh has been appointed national vice-president of the party.

The BJP won 31 of the 47 seats in the country as people know that it works sincerely for the development of Adivasis. Prior to Draupadi Murmu, Dalit leader Ramnath Kovind was appointed President of India. Since the BJP worked sincerely for the uplift of the SCs, it won 46 out of 84 SC Lok Sabha seats in 2019 elections. Women also got significant place in the BJP. Five of the BJP vice-presidents and four national secretaries are women.

Social justice is not seen in other parties, except the BJP. Many political parties serve their purpose on the basis of casteism. They did nothing for the good of Dalits, OBCs, the poor and backward Muslims. The only party that is committed to social justice is the BJP.

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