Thursday, November 30, 2023

Satya Column: Scandal ridden Cong has no right to criticise Modi

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“Nature changes constantly. Every molecule undergoes change. Giving up old demands, it is better for you to change. Improve your standards leaving behind the old practices and grow,” was the message of PM Narendra Modi to Opposition in Lok Sabha. But, their stand implies that they did not take the message.

Congress grew weak to the point of not able to grasp the PM’s lessons in the House. The PM explained the Cong with the help of anecdotes and examples from poetry. Modi is blemishless and have no political heirs. He revealed his success secret stating that the people stood by him akin to an armour for serving them selflessly. Anti-Modi forces joined hands against Modi for fear of rejection or for fear of annihilation and hence raising their voice against him in Parliament.

Prior to last elections, the Opposition raised slogans Chowkidaar Chor, but now they have been linking Modi’s name with that of an industrialist and raising slogans against him.

That was why the PM would have to tell the Opposition that their language, behavior is not satisfactory to the people of the country. That was the reason for their failure to win the hearts of the people. In fact the Congress forfeited its right to criticize Modi as it fuelled the crony capitalism. The country was ruled for 38 years. Does anyone remember scams worth several lakhs of crores that had taken place in the country? The defence jeeps scandal, Augusta Westland , Scorpion sub-marine, Bofors field gun scam are related to defence. Broker in the Bofors defence deal, Quattrochhi, who paid kickbacks to Gandhi-Nehru family, was made to cross the country’s borders overnight.

The Bhopal gas tragedy accused Anderson was given farewell officially in the middle of night sending him to his country in a special plane. Terrorism was allowed to grow. the country lost a PM and a former PM at the hands of terrorists. Why not a single Cong MP rose to answer Modi’s criticism of the Congress regime? Because of the scams and irregularities of the Congress, the people elected Modi-led BJP with a bumper majority. Is not a fact? In the long innings of Nehru, no constructive programme was taken to eradicate poverty. That was why Indira Gandhi raised the slogan Haribi Hatao and announced 20-point programme. Through them, she admitted rather indirectly the failures of her father’s regime. Similarly, Manmohan Singh regime, observing growing unemployment especially in rural areas, introduced MGNREGS. In spite of all this, could the Congress was able to contain the poverty and unemployed in its more than five and half decades rule?

If Congress was successful in containing poverty where is the need for Modi regime to transfer Rs 27 lakh crore through direct transfer into the bank accounts of 48 crore people. Had the Congress supplied drinking water to the people, Modi would have no business to declare that his regime supplied tap water to 11 crore homes during the past 3-4 years.

There is a deep meaning in Modi’s observation that one should not claim that the problems have been resolved citing government schemes. It is akin to showing the tiger that one has gun license, the PM heckles. Where is the need for listing out welfare schemes without finding lasting solutions to problems?

Modi gave a direction to the Opposition on how they should behave. He explained that the Congress lost people’s credibility because of scams, failure to run economy properly, lakhs of crores of borrowing by government sector, stifling people’s voice through Emergency, dismissing 90 democratically elected governments.

To win the credibility of the people, the Congress, other Opposition parties should explain their strong economic, social and political policies to the people instead of blaming the PM and barging into the Well of Lok Sabha and raising slogans against the government. They will never be able to come to power during their lifetime if they pursue these policies.

Surprisingly, five days of the first phase of the budget session were wasted in filibustering the Parliament session. The rest of the five days did not see any productive discussion either in President’s speech or budget proposals.

The PM cited the achievements of his eight year rule and at the same time exposed the hollowness of the Opposition parties. But, the Opposition has a single-point agenda of abusing Modi. Modi was quick to criticize the Opposition saying that it was confused on how to tackle a single person like him.

If the same situation were to continue, international institutions should have to undertake a study on how the Congress, which claims to have a long history, and how the people decimated it, he cautioned.

“The Earth under the feet of Congress is crumbling. But, surprisingly, it is not acknowledging it,” Modi observing quoting noted poet Dushyant Kumar. No matter how much mud the opposition slings on the BJP, the lotus would bloom in it, said Modi. His words are true in letter and spirit. If these facts serve as an eye opener to the Opposition, it would augur well for the country.

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