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SC transfers Erra Gangireddy bail cancellation issue to Telangana in YS Viveka murder case

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The Supreme Court on Monday gave a key verdict on the cancellation of default bail of Erra Gangireddy, who is accused A1 in the YS Viveka murder case. It is known that the CBI has filed a petition in the Supreme Court to cancel Erra Gangireddy’s default bail. The Supreme Court has recently given a verdict on this matter. It ruled that the issue of cancellation of bail should be transferred to Telangana High Court. The Supreme Court has ordered a further investigation.

Meanwhile, it is known that the arguments on the cancellation of Gangireddy’s bail ended on the 5th of this month. A bench of Justice MR Shah had reserved the verdict during the last hearing. The Supreme Court has directed the Telangana High Court to decide whether the bail should be cancelled based on the merits of the case. Merit was not considered while granting bail in the past, now the Telangana High Court has to consider all aspects and take a decision, the Supreme Court maintained.

The Supreme Court ordered that the issue of cancellation of bail should also be decided in the Telangana High Court after the trial of the case was transferred to Telangana.

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