Thursday, November 30, 2023

‘Scamgress’, ‘Scamily’

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War of words between KTR, Revanth 

K Venkateshwarlu

TPCC President Revanth Reddy said that preventing the victory of the Congress in the Assembly elections is not possible for Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and IT Minister KT Rama Rao.

Re-tweeting to the tweet of IT Minister KT Rama Rao on Saturday, Revanth said, “If the father catches cold and fever after seeing the six guarantees of the Congress, the son KTR is talking as if he is completely out of his mind. Are you people, who are neck deep in corruption and talk about commissions even in sleep, speaking about the Congress? Leave your silly talk about neighbouring states for a while and tell me about your Kalvakuntla SCAMILY in Telangana. Tell me about the fact that your father himself admitted that 30 per cent kickbacks are being extorted from Dalit Bandhu beneficiaries.

Tell me about the words that the whole country is saying that your sister earned Rs 300 crore from the Delhi liquor scam.Tell me about the fact that the CAG washed away that Telangana cannot be governed unless lands and liquor are sold.

How many government lands have been sold in Telangana, how many acres have you handed over to your real estate mafia, how many of your proxy builders are running the Hyderabad mafia empire, and how many lakhs of square feet sites are in the clutches of your mafia.We will settle all the calculations.Stopping the Congress is not possible not only for you, but your father too.”

Earlier in the day, KTR tweeted saying, “Apparently Karnataka’s Congress Government has started levying a “political election tax” of Rs 500 per square foot from Bengaluru builders to fund the TS Congress. Old habits die hard.The grand old party and its rich legacy of scams are legendary and that’s why it’s been renamed ‘Scamgress.’ No matter how much money they pump in, the people of Telangana cannot be fooled. Say NO to SCAMGRESS in TS.”

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