Monday, March 4, 2024

Seethakka boycotts last day of Assembly’s final session

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Mulugu Congress MLA Seethakka boycotted the last day of the current Assembly’s last session saying that the Speaker is not giving her an opportunity to speak in the House.

Later, speaking to the media, Seethakka said that she did not understand what was happening in the Assembly. The Speaker is not announcing business even after coming to the House. The Speaker is not giving an opportunity to speak during Zero Hour, she said.
“People are asking me to speak in the Assembly but why is the Speaker not giving us a chance and how can we speak in the House?” she said.

Seethakka said that the Speaker is cutting the mic of opposition MLAs immediately after the allotted one minute, but he is giving time to BRS MLAs till they complete their speech. She said that ruling party MLAs were speaking lies.

Seethakka asked why there were water purifying plants in every village if people are getting Mission Bhagiratha water. She said that BRS MLAs were speaking about TPCC President Revanth Reddy who did not belong to the House.

She said the ruling party is using the House for election campaigns and asked how KCR can speak about the 9-year progress of the state when Members elected four and a half years ago were there in the House.

She asked the Speaker to explain why he is giving an opportunity to BRS MLAs during Zero Hour as there were no problems in the State.

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