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Sensitising people for responsible pet parenting

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It is important for potential pet owners to know that responsible pet parenting means committing to caring for their pets for their entire lives. With a similar aim, we have Phillip Butt, the secretary of the Hyderabad Canine Club, who puts the spotlight on responsible pet parenting and also speaks up on the recent recurring incidents.

Shikha Duggal

For the Hyderabad Canine Club, it’s become an annual tradition. The whole team didn’t choose one pet but brought together hundreds of show dogs under one roof. They learn something new about pets every day and have found babies in them.

When we interacted with Phillip Butt, the secretary of the Hyderabad Canine Club, we learned how he ensures so many pets come together to be crowned best in the show, and that’s his way of experiencing absolute pleasure.

“Responsible pet parenting is the only way forward to avoid recurring freak incidents like the recent one that took place in the city, where a food delivery boy jumped off a building to escape a dog and subsequently died. Our clubs’ main focus is awareness: pet owners all over the city should enjoy more mutually loving and rewarding relationships than ever before. Attending our pets’ gatherings like these puts a stamp on humanising your pet. Increasingly urban societies attend every year, and we see how they know about veterinary telehealth, first-class dog food, their accessories, and more.”

The Hyderabad Canine Club’s love for animals is so great that they are letting people know that dogs are not scary to be around, despite a few strange incidents across the country. “Pets own the city now — they have taken on the role of playmates. Whenever I see so many breeds of animals coming together for our shows, it’s like peacekeepers coming with elan. This is not our bread and butter; it’s our sheer love for them. And we are overjoyed to be organising such shows for pets all over the city.”

It’s a known fact that the majority of the millions of dogs don’t bite. “For the dogs that do attack, it’s usually because they are acting out of fear rather than aggression. Pet adoption multiplied during the pandemic. The challenge came when there was no pet education! You can’t train out all of a dog’s natural instincts because many will protect their space. This is where our club plays an important role: letting the pet parents know that even a dog like a “pitbull” isn’t aggressive; it’s a stereotype. They love to chase, but we must not get overexcited. Socialize them by making them meet other breeds! They were isolated by the pandemic, and now they are suddenly out of that space — they are biting by accident in an overstimulated environment.”

On a concluding note, the secretary said that each competition requires plenty of time, energy, and treats. The purebred dogs that you see on the premises are show dogs for a moment, but please remember that they are family pets at the end of the day. They all take home the best in the show in the Hyderabad Canine Club’s hearts!

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