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Several island villages still grappling with flood impact: DC

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District Collector P Prashanthi has reported that several island villages in the district are still grappling with the aftermath of the recent floodwaters. Rescue operations are underway with the help of boats to provide much-needed assistance to the affected villagers.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Collector Prashanthi highlighted that Yalamanchili Lanka, Achanta, and Narasapuram Lanka villages have been severely impacted by the floods from the river Godavari, and residents are still surrounded by water.

While the flood level of Godavari has receded, the low-lying position of the villages is causing the water to slowly withdraw. The Collector emphasised that necessary services are being delivered to these villages through boats.

Today, the first level of warning was lifted, indicating that relief centers will remain operational for the next two or three days. Some relief centers have been established within the affected villages to ensure the distribution of essential supplies. To alleviate the distress of the affected families, an amount of Rs 2,000 per family and Rs 1,000 for individuals from single-member families will be deposited into their accounts as they leave the relief centers and return to their villages. Furthermore, large-scale sanitation initiatives are being carried out in the receding water areas, and fresh water packets are being distributed to the victims.

Farmers and cattle grazers in the flood-affected areas have raised concerns about the availability of animal fodder. To address this, 65 metric tons of animal fodder have been prepared for distribution, with each animal receiving 5 kilograms of fodder.

In response to the situation, proposals for the strengthening of Godavari embankments have been prepared and submitted for approval. The allocation of funds for sluice repairs and embankment reinforcement of rivers and rivulets has been urgently requested.

Collector Prashanthi proudly mentioned that West Godavari has secured the second position in the state for the effective implementation of the Jagananna Suraksha program. She assured that voter enrollment is being carried out diligently, without any flaws or irregularities.

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