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Shade Studios CEO congratulated the Oscar team, Natu Natu singer, Rahul Sipliganj

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Shade Studios CEO Deviprasad Balivada said:

SS Rajamouli is the first director who has introduced Telugu cinema to the World . It is a matter of pride to be nominated for an Oscar for RRR movie “Natu Natu Song” directed by him. Especially, singer Rahul Sipliganj, who is very associated with our Shade Studios, sang the song “Natu Natu” which made our team very happy. Under the guidance of our Shade studio Singer Rahul Sipliganj has sung for the upcoming movie #AP31.

We feel fortunate that our shade studios have been a part of the musical journey many times along with the present Oscar team, Natu Natu song composer, M. M. Keeravani, singer Rahul Sipliganj, singer Kala Bairava and lyric writer Chandra Bose.

On this occasion, I would like to congratulate singer Rahul Sipliganj on behalf of our Shade Studios, and request him to impress the audience with the songs he sings in a way that respects the country. My thanks to our Shade Studios team Music Director Prajwal Krish and Engineer Raam Gandikota who shared this happiness with me. He also added that Oscar is now OSCARRR.

Singer Rahul Sipliganj said: I am very proud that my song has been nominated for Oscar. Knowing this, my parents were very happy. The root cause of this happiness, I will forever be indebted to Director Rajamouli and M.M. Keeravani.

I firmly believe that the Natu Natu song will definitely win the Oscars. I am very happy with the love and affection you are showing. Similarly, I sang songs for many movies in Shade Studios and they became hits. Special thanks to Deviprasad Balivada, CEO of Shade Studios.

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