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Shadnagar MLA Shankar launches National Deworming Day programme

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Emphasising the importance of hygiene, Shadnagar MLA Veerlapalli Shankar inaugurated the National Deworming Day programme at Shadnagar Government Girls School on Thursday.
The event, part of a nationwide initiative, is aimed at combating parasitic worm infections among children.
Addressing the students, Shankar urged them to maintain personal and environmental cleanliness. “Children should always maintain cleanliness and ensure their surroundings are sanitary,” he advised.
During the programmr, Shankar administered Albendazole tablets to the students, marking the start of the deworming campaign. He stressed the significance of this initiative, which the Indian government organizes every six months, to control the spread of parasitic worms.
Deputy District Medial and Health Officer Dr Vijayalakshmi highlighted the three main types of worms—tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms—and explained how children contract these parasites through activities such as playing barefoot, eating without washing hands, and exposure to unclean environments.
She detailed the health issues caused by these worms, including anaemia, malnutrition, and other gastrointestinal problems.
Dr. Vijayalakshmi emphasized the benefits of the deworming program, noting that taking albendazole tablets can significantly improve children’s health by enhancing nutrient absorption, increasing concentration and learning abilities, and reducing the prevalence of worms in the community.
MLA Shankar reiterated the importance of health initiative, urging all children aged 1 to 19 to take the Albendazole tablets twice a year as prescribed. “Health is a great blessing. If children are healthy, they can study well, listen carefully to their teachers, and achieve higher levels in the future,” he said.

The event saw participation from several local officials and community leaders, including Health Educator J. Srinivasulu, Ophthalmic Officer J. Srihari, CDPO Madam Nagamani, Health Supervisor Chandrakala, Municipal Commissioner Venkanna, MEO Shankar Rathore, and Girls High School Headmaster Sivakumari. Prominent local figures such as former Market Chairman Yadaiah, Congress Leaders Babar Khan, Tirupati Reddy, Ramesh, and Councilor Chetle Pavani were also present.

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