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Sharmila arrested, gets bail

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PNS | Hyderabad

The court granted bail to YSRTP President YS Sharmila and six others on their personal guarantee. The court directed Sharmila to follow the HC’s directions during her padayatra. Sharmila went to her residence after getting bail.

Sharmila’s lawyer argued that the police had filed false cases against her although she had tried to stage a peaceful protest at the Pragati Bhavan. Her lawyers also criticised the police for the way they took her to the police station although she did not create any law and order problems.

The police said that Sharmila had created a law and order problem by behaving rudely towards the police and had disturbed the police while they were discharging their duties.
The Punjagutta Police filed several cases against Sharmila and her party colleagues Induja Reddy, K. Srinivas, Musharraf, Susharani, John, Lalu Saheb and Sanju Kumar under IPC Sections 143, 341, 290, 506, 509, 353, and 149 accusing them of illegally gathering, detaining, rudely talking, creating nuisance, threatening, abusing women, troubling people and disturbing the police.

The police produced Sharmila in court after subjecting her to medical tests at the SR Nagar government hospital.Earlier, Sharmila tried to lay siege to the Pragati Bhavan seated in a car which was attacked by TRS activists at Narsampet on Monday. However, the police blocked Sharmila near the Yashoda Hospital by placing police vehicles on the road. The police tried to make Sharmila get down from her car.

But Sharmila refused to get down from her car and raised its window glasses. After some time, the police removed Sharmila using a towing vehicle as Sharmila and her party colleagues were in the car. Sharmila’s mother YS Vijayamma staged a hunger strike protesting against the police and made it clear that she will withdraw her hunger strike only if Sharmila is released from the police station.

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