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”She’s so comforting and strong,” reveals ex roadie

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Known for being the fearless woman that she is, Rhea Chakraborty is undeniably a force to reckon with. The actress has time and again proved her never giving up spirit standing strong as an example to so many youngsters out there.

Turning all head round with her latest show, the actress is known for her strong outspoken personality, impeccable fashion choices and her candid self amongst her fans.

Recently one of the ex contestant from Rhea’s gang was recently interviewed. Speaking his heart out, Sachin Sharma expressed his experience with Rhea as he said ““Rhea ma’am was my gang leader and she is one hell of a woman.

She is so comforting and strong and confident and I will always stand strong with her, so all those haters can wait outside the gates barking because positivity, hard work and love always wins.❤️”As a result of which Sachin has been getting backlashes from others around him.

With her consistent willpower, hardwork and inspiring personality, the actress has continued to garner love and support from across her surroundings.

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