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SHORTAGE OF BARLEY POPBCL accepts MP firm’s offer to supply beer: Jupally

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inister for Excise Jupally Krishna Rao responded to the allegations of giving new approvals to distilleries and distanced self from it. He said, “The entire wholesaling of alcohol in the State is done by the State of Telangana through its Beverages Corporation. The entire wholesaling of the Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) in the State is carried on exclusively by the State, through its Beverages Corporation”.
Acknowledging shortage of beer, Jupally said, “For about six weeks, the consumers in the State have felt hardship due to short supply of beer in the State, owing to different reasons. Our State Government feels it its first duty to save the public from any hardship, wherever it is possible”.
He said, “To address the shortage exigency, the MD, BCL, has responded on the offer of Som Distilleries of MP State, to supply beer to the State Beverages Corporation. The said Company is the supplier of IMFL to 22 States/ UTs/ Military Units, since two decades. The MD, BCL, after following the statutory notice procedures, has approved the name of the above supplier and also others, as per the routine practice of the Corporation, which is exclusively entrusted with the said duty”.
 He said that the manufacturing and supply chains of the entire IMFL/Beer sectors are hugely occupied by foreign companies, at 97.44%. “This Government takes this prestigious presence as their pride. The above said Som Distillery is an Indian Company. As if it were against such entities, the BRS party has baselessly alleged approval by the MD, TG.BCL/Commissioner, Excise, of the Brand of the above Company, as wrongful. In my last press meet, I said that the Government had not received any applications. I stand by it. My office was also not aware of the day-to-day transactions of the Corporation”.
He said that New Brand-approvals for preceding four years (during the BRS regime) 2020-21 – 50 brands for Liquor and 5 brands for Beer; Year 2021-22 – 75 brands for Liquor and 8 brands for Beer; Year 2022-23 – 122 brands for Liquor and 11 brands for Beer and Year 2023-24 – 41 brands for Liquor and 9 brands for Beer. He said approvals form part of the already existing Excise policy and the present Government has not replaced the existing Excise Policy.
As per the existing procedure the applications were not being placed for the Minister’s consideration. BRS Leader Krishank said, “A notice was given on 26-2-2024 to Som Distilleries by Excise Dept Madhya Pradesh booked with Sections 420,467,468,471,120B for “Nakli Sharaab. Why Congress Govt is allowing such Fraud Company to sell Nakli Sharaab in Telangana?”

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