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Sindhooram: A message-oriented flick that is pretty close to reality

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Director: Shyam Tummalapalli
Writer: Kishore Srikrishna
Cast: Dharma, Brigida Saga, Siva Balaji, Keshav Deepak, Dayanand, and others.
Production: Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Movie Makers

K. Ramya Sree

Sindhooram is set in the backdrop of Naxalism in a small village in Telangana.
The story tells the tale of Sriramagiri villagers in Telangana, who are fed up with hierarchy. They join the Naxal movement to fight for their justice.

Dharma and Brigida play the lead roles while Siva Balaji plays a powerful Naxalite leading Singanna Dalam. In the name of giving loans to farmers, the upper class fraudulently takes away their lands.These atrocities compel the farmers to work as laborers in their own farmlands.

There’s also a subplot in the second half on why Dharma supports Singanna Dalam. Meanwhile, Brigida plays an MRO, who is loyal and is striving to do something good for the villagers where the power to rule is inherited wealth.

The story was very close to reality. The events portrayed in the film are still practiced in some of the small villages in the country.The film does a good job of showcasing the wrongdoings committed by the upper class against the lower class. The director manages to show them in the most engaging way possible.

The story was simple yet thought-provoking. The director chose a risky subject, because social message-oriented films, if not presented well, end up being a damp squib. In this case, Shyam knew what he wanted to show and he gave what the audience wants by cutting to the chase.

The visuals were really impressive. Be the picturesque locales or setting up the frames to show the lives of the underprivileged. All of which were well captured.The cinematography was very impressive. The music worked well for the story and the pace of the film. It was gripping and the tunes added so much charm to the overall film.

The crisp editing helped maintain a good pace barring the second half. The film excels when it comes to the locations. Whoever scouted for them, needs a special shoutout. And the cinematographer makes the most of the wonderful locations and captures them with sheer perfection.

Speaking of performances, Brigida stole the show. There was a scene where she loses one of her family members (no spoiler alerts) and her performance was heartwrenching. If you are an emotional person, you might end up wiping your tears looking at how natural she was in her element. Moreover, as an MRO she gave her best and looked very realistic. We must say that the emotional content in Sindhooram is rich. Dharma carried a cute smile which is just ‘awe’.

The director grabbed the best of actors, resulting in an overall perfect presentation. Be it Siva Balaji or Dayanand or any other cast members, they have given what was needed for the script. Overall, the makers were bang-on with their casting choices. The actors do wonders with their performance and for that reason, the film is a lot more enjoyable.

Sindhooram comes with its hits and misses. The second half of the film falls short of its pace when compared to the first half. The director tactfully unravels the many unanswered questions in the climax. The twists and turns leading up to the climax are sure to blow your mind.

Overall, this is a meaningful film that drives home a message with good direction and visualization.This film might not impress everyone. However, the concept, story, and picturization of the film are worth watching. The fresh faces bring a lot of freshness to the story.

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