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Six killed in Swapnalok fire Deepika Pasham

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Six people including four women have died in the SwapnalokComplex fire accident in Secunderabad. All were brought dead to Gandhi Hospital include Shiva, Prashant, Pramila, Sravani, Vennela and Triveni.The fire has been now brought under control.

A total of 12 people rescued from outside the building and 6 others were rescued by the EVDM and fire personnel who went inside the building. Around 13 fire department vehicles including hydraulic cranes and fire tenders were rushed to the spot.

The police said that some people have been rescued and that they do not have any details of how many are missing. The fire began at 6:30 pm on the seventh floor of the 10-floor building.

The public immediately alerted the police and soon fire engines arrived at the spot. A group of people staying on the building’s terrace were rescued by officials.

Speaking to ‘The Pioneer,’ a member of a family staying in the building said, “We were doing our usual work. My father walked towards the fridge to switch off a light and he saw sparks. Then the electricity got switched off. Immediately, smoke started coming.

We shouted but people couldn’t hear us.Home Minister Mahmood Ali visited the spot and while speaking to the media, he said, “The fire officioals have rescued 18 people out of whom 12 have been sent home and six others have been shifted to Yashoda Hospital.”

We switched on a mobile phone torch and threw it down the stairs. Three members of the family were sent to the hospital and we have no idea who is monitoring our family.”

Another group of people working for Omega Computers on the fifth floor of the building were seen running around the building in search of their employees.

Three workers, namely Pavan, Dayakar and Sravan and Managing Director Sudhir were rescued. The people who are still stuck on the fifth floor are Shiva, Pramila, Vennela and Triveni.

A sibling of Triveni who was crying said, “We left the office at 7 pm and after that, the fire broke out. Every day there is one batch which leaves after 8 pm. We stay in nearby hostels.They are not answering calls. We have no intimation on whether they have been rescued or are still stuck in the rooms. We request the police to give us the information.”

Chandana Deepthi, the DCP of North Zone said, “We are rescuing people. The building has 10 floors. People are panicking searching for their families. Updates will be given from time to time.”

Additional CP (Law and Order) Vikram Singh Mann and other officers are present at the spot. Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav and Mayor Vijayalakshmi Gadwal visited the spot and checked out the rescue operation.

Around 13 fire engines rushed to the spot and started attempts to put out the fire.

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