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SP asks people to be wary of cybercrime

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Superintendent of Police Vakul Jindal has asked the people of Prakasam district to beware of the latest cybercrime in the name of part-time jobs. In a release here on Sunday, SP Vakul Jindal suggested that the people of the district should be vigilant against fraud in the name of online part-time jobs.
The district SP explained to the people of the district about the new type of cybercrime that has come to light in recent times.
Most of the people are thinking about how to earn money easily. Unemployed, students, and people are searching online for part-time jobs because the salaries are not enough for them while women at home want to do part-time jobs when they are free.
The SP said that they are searching for jobs online and their details are being uploaded on various websites. The cybercriminals are stealing those details and committing frauds. Cybercriminals send messages to WhatsApp numbers regarding part-time jobs and they also send a link.
When they click the link, they are made to join the Telegram group. In the group, they are given different types of easy tasks, for example, to take a screenshot of any item or like it. “If the screenshot is shared, it will be considered that the task is complete, after playing the task, a small amount of money will be deposited in the account as if they have won, and they will think that the money has come without any investment,” the SP explained.
Later, they promise that if money is invested in a small amount, they will get a large amount of money. Even if the money is invested, the fraudsters will not pay the money. The SP said that finally, the victims understand that they are cheated but by the time, the damage would be done.

The SP asked people not to share personal details with anyone to get information about the company which offers part-time jobs.  The SP asked the victims to complain to 1930 or

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