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Speculation rife on PK meeting Naidu

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Political strategist turned activist Prashant Kishore, popularly known as PK, meeting TDP supremo N Chandrababu Naidu, has become sensational in the political circles. Whether PK will work for the victory of TDP in the coming Assembly elections is not yet clear. But there are several unanswered questions in this episode. PK met Chandrababu Naidu as a political strategist or an opposition leader? PK launched Jana Suraaj party in Bihar and advocating for the opposition unity. The founder of Indian Political Action Committee, working with ruling party in Andhra Pradesh YSR Congress party. When PK met opposition leader in AP Chandrababu there was speculation that he will work for the TDP in the coming Assembly elections. At the same time the IPAC in a tweet clarified by saying “IPAC has been working in collaboration with YSRC party since last year. Together, we’re dedicated to working tirelessly until YS Jagan secures a thumping majority victory again in 2024 and continues his unwavering efforts to better the lives of the people of Andhra Pradesh. So, it is very clear that the IPAC founded by PK is working for the ruling YSR Congress. Now the question is how one political agency will work for both the ruling and the main opposition  in the coming Assembly elections.
Now in Andhra Pradesh, in the wake of forthcoming Assembly elections, PK met TDP supremo who called him as “Bihar Decoit”. If PK is associating with IPAC it is not possible to work for TDP as it is working for YSR Congress. If PK has no connection with IPAC, if he works for TDP the fate of BRS which worked for it for some time is seen in the recent Assembly elections. The other question is PK met Chandrababu to know the strategy of TDP or Chandrababu tried to know the strategy of YSR Congress? It is important to note after the meeting Chandrababu, PK told the media that he met Chandrababu because he is the senior most politician in the country. It shows that PK met Chandrababu as a politician and not as a political strategist.

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