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Speed of trains between Vja & Duvvada enhanced

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The South Central Railway (SCR) has enhanced the maximum permissible speed between Vijayawada – Duvvada to 130 kmph. With this, the maximum permissible speed of the entire rail network along the Golden Quadrilateral Golden Diagonal (GQ GD) in SCR stands enhanced to 130 kmph. A record 1,743.4 km route of rail network is now fit to handle trains up to a maximum speed of 130 kmph in the zone.

The railway officials said that SCR has completed the upgradation of the track speed between Vijayawada – Duvvada to 130 kmph and the section stretching for a distance of 330.94 Route Kms has been upgraded to handle trains operating upto a maximum speed of 130 kmph. They further said that recently, in the month of September, permission has been accorded to enhance the maximum permissible speed of 130 Kmph in the Golden Diagonal sections viz., Balharshah – Kazipet – Gudur for 744 Route Kms and Golden Quadrilateral sections viz., Wadi – Guntakal – Renigunta for 536 Route Kms. Already, a 132 km route of the high-density network between Secunderabad – Kazipet has been given fit to operate trains with 130 Kmph.

Arun Kumar Jain, General Manager, SCR said that the signaling and track upgradation works of the last section along the GQ GD route in SCR ( Vijayawada – Duvvada) have been carried out and the section accorded permission to operate trains upto a maximum speed of 130 kmph. He explained that the speed limit enhancement of the network has been achieved with a systematic and planned approach of strengthening the track & other infrastructure by removing bottlenecks at a fast pace. He further explained that the railways completed placing of heavier rails, laying of 260 metres long welded rail panels, improvement of curves and gradients, Signalling aspects, improving traction distribution equipment, increasing the compatibility of locomotive & coaches, etc.

Arun Kumar Jain has complimented the team of officers and staff who were instrumental in completing this critical task. He also said that these types of capacity enhancement works will pave the way for the introduction of trains that are capable of running at higher speeds.

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