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Srikakulam ORR still a pipe dream

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The Outer Ring Road (ORR) project around Srikakulam city, a dream envisioned nearly a decade ago, continues to remain a distant reality, trapped in the quagmire of delays and bureaucratic hurdles. Initially proposed in 2013 by the then-Congress government, the project aimed to alleviate traffic congestion and streamline connectivity within the city.
The initial blueprint for the ORR outlined an ambitious 12 km stretch, connecting multiple areas around Srikakulam city. However, after careful consideration, the project was scaled down to a more manageable 5 km. Despite this adjustment, the project encountered significant roadblocks during the verification process at Peddapadu village, bringing it to a standstill.
Over the past decade, the ORR project has remained confined to paper, its potential benefits unrealized. Critics have pointed to a lack of proper planning and commitment from the authorities as the primary reasons for the project’s stagnation. This delay has exacerbated traffic woes within Srikakulam city, causing inconvenience and frustration for residents.
In a recent development, officials from the Srikakulam Municipal Corporation (SMC) received suggestions from Dharmana Prasada Rao, the MLA and Minister for Revenue from the ruling YSRCP. However, opposition leaders from the TDP have dismissed these developments as mere election stunts, lacking any concrete action plan.
Amidst the ongoing debate and political rhetoric, residents of Srikakulam remain hopeful for a resolution to the long-standing issue. The ORR project holds the potential to transform the city’s infrastructure, easing traffic congestion and enhancing connectivity. As the city gears up for further development, the ORR’s realization remains crucial for its sustainable growth.

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