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State moving in reverse direction after Jagan came to power, says Lokesh

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The TDP national general secretary, Mr Nara Lokesh, here on Monday said that when the TDP was in power the State progressed well but after the YSRCP came to power it is moving in the reverse direction.

Interacting with the youth at the ‘Hello Lokesh’ programme organised at the GMR Kalyana Mantapam by the locals here as part of his ongoing pada yatra ‘Yuva Galam’, Mr Lokesh said that Andhra Pradesh was moving on the progressive path for 67 years. “But after Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy has become the Chief Minister the State is fast moving in the reverse direction,” Mr Lokesh stated.

Observing that he launched the ‘Yuva Galam’ only to stand by the youth which are fighting for their future, Mr Lokesh felt that this is a very good opportunity for the youth to send home Mr Jagan. Maintaining that Mr Jagan is taking shelter at the Tadepalle Palace, the TDP general secretary said that the Chief Minister of a State should always be among the people.

What happened to the Special Category Status for the State which Mr Jagan promised before coming to power, he asked and pointed out that the youth lost employment opportunities after Mr Jagan assumed charge as the Chief Minister. “Except falling at the feet of the elders in Delhi, Mr Jagan is not raising the State issues with the Centre,” he noted.

The Chief MInister who promised three lakh jobs to the youth every year through job calendar is now issuing job-less calendar, he said and pointed out that the vacancies in police department and the posts of teachers are not being filled. Why Mr Jagan, who was totally in support of a single capital before coming to power, is now raising the three-capital slogan, Mr Lokesh asked.

Maintaining that the TDP national president, Mr Chandrababu Naidu, is a brand for providing jobs and employment opportunities, he said that Mr Jagan is a brand in chasing companies out of the State. “Decentralisation means providing employment opportunities to the youth as per the population ratio in different regions of the State but not raising slogans like three-capitals which is not possible,” Mr Lokesh remarked.

Mr Jagan’s ongoing visit to Delhi is only to save his party MP, Mr Avinash Reddy, from the charges that he is facing now, Mr Lokesh said and asked the youth present at the meet whether they could guess now as to who killed Mr Jagan’s paternal uncle, Mr Vivekananda Reddy.

Mr Lokesh asked whether the State needs such a Chief Minister like Mr Jagan and the Minister for IT and Industries, Mr Amarnath Reddy, who could not go to Davos to invite investors to the State. “It is really shameful that the Chief Minister did not visit Davos due to the heavy cold,” he remarked.

Observing that over 35 lakh youth remained jobless after Mr Jagan assumed charge as the Chief Minister, he said that he launched the ‘Yuva Galam’ to see to it that Mr Jagan remain permanently in the Tadepalle Palace. Providing employment opportunities to the youth will be on top of the TDP manifesto and radic changes will be brought in the education system within one year of the TDP coming back to power, he added.

Formation of poverty-free Andhra Pradesh is the dream of Mr Chandrababu, he said and promised to take the State forward with development and welfare. Micro unit clusters will be set up in all the 175 Assembly segments in the State and reverse migration will be taken up soon after the TDP is back in power.

Earlier, the youth complained to Mr Lokesh that the colleges are charging heavily in the name of fees and no fee-reimbursement facility. Though they have done their PhD, there are no employment opportunities in the State following which they have to migrate to other States in search of jobs, the youth told Mr Lokesh. Some of them said that they lost their contract employment after the YSRCP came to power.

All of them mentioned that several companies were established during Mr Chandrababu Naidu regime and wanted the TDP to be back in power so that they get jobs. “The rule of Mr Chandrababu reminds everyone of the IT industry,” the youth said in unison.

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