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In an exclusive chat with The Pioneer, we bring to you our interaction with Jai Dhar Gupta, the founder of Nirvana Being that brings together science and sustainability with the aim of protecting others through the polluted air.

Subodhini Purohit
Jai Dhar Gupta, motivated by his own fight with bronchial asthma caused by pollution, established Nirvana Being in 2014 to pioneer life-saving clean air solutions in India. His constant pursuit of Switzerland-quality air has propelled him to the forefront of clean-air technologies, transforming both outdoor and indoor environments across the country.
 They have now pioneered anti-pollution masks in India! The World Health Organisation (WHO) does not have particular guidelines for indoor air quality, but the American Society for Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and the Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) do. These organisations develop rules for ventilation and filtration in interior areas. Proper ventilation and filtration are essential for the health and well-being of interior environments.
Nirvana Being was created, not out of inspiration but out of need, and Jai explains, “I recognised the need of maintaining a clean air environment both indoors and outdoors in order to continue living there. This led to the formation.”
In order to get more traction in the health and wellness industry and to improve human processes organically, they have developed this range of nutraceutical confectionery. Rather than encouraging consumers to drink unhealthy and high-sugar energy drinks, they concentrated on giving a natural energy boost. Even Indian Premier League cricket players take energy gum, but they discovered that lozenges—which dissolve more gradually in the mouth are more comfortable and convenient. They offer the advantages of a cup of coffee without the risk of spilling, making them ideal for lengthy car rides when individuals might feel weary.
 Concerns about women’s safety in rapidly urbanising India and environmental degradation drove them into the non-lethal weapons area. Young people frequently experience low pay and subpar housing circumstances when they relocate to cities in pursuit of greater prospects, which causes anxiety and raises security concerns, particularly for women and children. The collaboration with MACE was ideal. Additionally, they have worked with the Delhi police to modernise their forces by supplying them with non-lethal Sten guns and take-down sprays, enhancing security in the city. “I am really passionate about wellness and clean energy. However, I believe that accepting the urgency of the situation is more important than trying to strike a compromise. The declining quality of the air we’re experiencing just strengthens my resolve to change things through clean air projects,” he says.
Because of intensive monitoring, regions have a high level of public knowledge regarding the detrimental effects of air pollution. However, this problem goes far beyond. Consider Mumbai, where a large number of individuals are ignorant of how serious their air quality issues are. It faces severe pollution despite being a seaside city because of things like constant building and a dense population. He adds, “I’ve come to the conclusion that traditional activism is insufficient to address emission concerns. For this reason, I’ve changed my emphasis to growing forests in order to create carbon sinks. In just five to six years, this bold project seeks to create mature forests with zero carbon footprints. Not only are we combating air pollution by planting thousands of trees every year in the buffer zones of tiger reserves and national parks, but we’re also protecting biodiversity and habitats that are at risk from land change. This multimodal strategy enables us to address environmental degradation from various perspectives, resulting in a significant impact on air quality, biodiversity, and habitat preservation.”

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