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Step into the canvas of self-expression with fashion

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Step into the world of Gargee. The designers new men’s shirt collection is a captivating symphony of style and ingenuity, where each shirt is a canvas of self-expression, an artful embodiment of style. It’s a devotion to crafting not just comfortable shirts but to weaving threads of confidence and self-expression into every piece they create. In their latest shirt collection, this dedication takes centre stage as they invite you on a journey to explore, embrace, and embody your unique style.
The magician behind this sorcery says, “Fashion, to me, is a profound avenue for self-expression and artistic exploration. It serves as a canvas where individuality and creativity collide, creating a unique tapestry of style. It’s about making a statement, weaving a narrative, and etching a lasting impression through the garments we create.” Says who? Ravi Gupta, who is the creative director, continues, “My journey into the world of fashion finds its genesis in the exuberant and daring fashion landscape of the 1980s.
My father, the visionary Shyam Gupta, embarked on this artistic journey as a lone artisan, mastering the intricate art of tailoring. His muse, a neighbouring shop, became his sanctuary and ‘karmabhoomi’.”
His voyage into the realm of fashion was enriched by valuable experiences with esteemed personalities such as Karan Johar, Varun Bahl, and Diwan Saheb. These experiences afforded Ravi a dual perspective, both as a designer and a retail connoisseur, providing a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Additionally, he had the privilege of working closely with some of Bollywood’s most iconic luminaries, including the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Siddharth Malhotra, and Ranbir Kapoor. These collaborations expanded his horizons and offered priceless exposure, propelling me to create trendsetting attire!
Besides, “collaborating with individuals of Abhay Deol, Rajkummar Rao, and Saqib Saleem stature, among other renowned figures, has been an awe-inspiring and enriching experience. These partnerships enabled us to curate distinctive and unforgettable fashion moments. Be it crafting effortlessly sophisticated ensembles for Ranbir Kapoor, infusing innovation and style into Rajkummar Rao’s wardrobe, or dressing other eminent personalities like Sunny Kaushal, Harshvardhan Rane, Riteish Deshmukh, and Rana Duggabati, each collaboration was an opportunity to cater to diverse tastes and push the boundaries of men’s fashion. These experiences have not only enriched our creative journey but have also allowed us to refine our craft.”
Creativity serves as the lifeblood for the brand, drawing inspiration from the ever-evolving realm of fashion and the discerning preferences of the contemporary eye. They perpetually seek inspiration from global fashion trends, art, culture, and nature. Their mantra revolves around seamlessly melding tradition with modernity, ensuring that their designs not only exude style but also possess an enduring quality. Their dedicated team of artisans and designers collaborates tirelessly to bring these visions to fruition, resulting in garments that are not just fashionable but wearable works of art.
“Gargee Designers has carved out a trusted legacy in the fashion industry for over three decades, a legacy firmly rooted in the relentless pursuit of excellence by my father. In recent years, with my active involvement, we’ve undertaken a journey of expansion and innovation. Our reach has extended through strategic collaborations with multi-designer stores like Pernia’s Pop Show and Aza Fashion, allowing us to showcase our creations to a wider and more diverse audience,” concluded the creative director.
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