Thursday, November 30, 2023

Steps to resolve Brahmins’ issues promised

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AP Brahmin Seva Sangha Samakhya (APBSSS) president Satyavada Durga Prasad has said that the State government has asssured the community of steps to resolve all the problems and issues being faced by the Brahmins. He, along with APBSSS members Y Narasimha Murthy, T Venkateswarlu and others, participated in a special meeting held by Special Joint Secretary to CM Dr Narayan Bharath Gupta at the CM Camp office in Tadepalli on Friday. The meeting discussed all issues related to Brahmins, particularly those pertaining to ‘Archakas’..
Speaking on the occasion, Durga Prasad said that they had brought many issues seeking solutions to the notice of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. In view of this, the CM instructed Bharath Gupta to oversee the issues and the APBSSS held discussions with him, he added.
During the discussions, they had requested the Special Secretary to hike the ‘Archakas’ Doopa Deepa Naivedya’ amount and implement the Vedavyasa Scheme through the ‘Ammavodi’ scheme, allocate land to Brahmin Bhavan, identify the Paurohitya as a caste-based profession, funds for the Brahmin corporation etc.
After the meeting, Bharath Gupta promised to bring all these issues to the CM and resolve them, he added.
Dr Yadavalli Srinivasa Sharma, Puranam Sehsu and others also participated in the meeting.

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