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Stop selling Govt lands: Mallu Bhatti

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Hyderabad: CLP Leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka demanded that the BRS government should stop selling public lands.

He said that the BRS had opposed the sale of lands in United Andhra Pradesh but the same people are now selling thousands of acres indiscriminately.

In a chit-chat with journalists on Friday at the CLP office, Bhatti said that the people gave power to the BRS for protecting government lands. But KCR thinks that people gave him the right to sell lands.He said that earlier rulers protected government lands for public needs but the BRS government is selling them.

“BRS leaders opposed the selling of lands in United Andhra Pradesh but now they are selling lands,” he said and added that BRS leaders would sell public assets after selling government lands.

He said that people have a responsibility to protect government lands and asked them to think about it. He said that the government has been selling lands to fund its schemes.

Criticising the way the Assembly is being run, Bhatti said that the government will not reveal its agenda in the House. He said the government will not tell clearly how many days it will run the House. The Speaker is not providing mic to Congress members during Question Hour, he added.

The Speaker’s stand that the mic will be given only if the Member’s name is given in the question is a violation of the Member’s rights, Bhatti said.

He said that MLAs of the ruling party are answering during the question and answer session instead of ministers. “We have told the Speaker to take action regarding this at the BAC meeting. But it is not being done,” he said.

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