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‘Students should play key role in eradicating drugs’

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NTR District Collector Dr S Dilli Rao has said that students should play a vital role to eradicate drug abuse, which is spoiling society. Students should try to bring about a change in the situation, he said.

The Collector was the chief guest at an awareness meeting held at the SRR & CVR Government Degree College organised by the Indian Red Cross Society, Red Ribbon Club, and NSS units, here on Wednesday.

Speaking on the occasion, Dilli Rao said that if students became addicted to drugs, they wouldn’t reach their targets and their life would be spoiled. The State government is making severe acts on drug use and implementing punishments for those who use drugs, he said.

He further said that the lack of a special concentration of parents on their children is the only reason for drug use. Parents are under pressure from their day-to-day work and are unable to concentrate on children’s habits, he said. Parents should be monitoring their children’s behaviour and if they found any fault with them then they should make corrections, he added.

Meanwhile, he appealed to the Red Ribbon and NSS Units to eradicate drug abuse and should create awareness in the student community. If anybody found a student or youth addicted to drugs, they should inform the Red Cross, Red Ribbon or NSS units. These organisation members would try to bring a change with counselling, he added.

Indian Red Cross Society district chairman Dr G Samaram, SRR & CVR Government Degree College Principal Dr K Bhagya Lakshmi, Red Cross Society College unit coordinator G Vijay Swaroop Singh, and others were present.

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