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Sundeep Kishan allegedly didn’t like Michael’s final product

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Sundeep Kishan is currently working on Ooru Peru Bhairavakona, another original movie. The actor talked candidly about Michael’s failure, his most expensive production, during the film’s promotion.
“Yes, the movie didn’t work well in theaters,” stated Sundeep Kishan. “Putting money aside, I wasn’t happy with the finished product. I also informed the director of the same thing. We had good footage, and if some magic had happened at the editing table, Michael might have become an incredible movie. Something about it isn’t right.”
Sundeep Kishan went on, “Three producers provided Michael with financial backing. One producer informed me that the movie didn’t turn out as well as the other two thought it would be a box office success. Twelve days before the release, he informed me what he thought. Since there wasn’t much time left before release, I didn’t try to double-check. That pressure was more than I wanted to bear. I knew the movie wasn’t good when I viewed it before its official release.”
Additionally, Sundeep Kishan said, “After seeing a few scenes, I thought the movie would be amazing. But when we watch the movie as a whole, the viewer should be able to relate to the entire tale, not just these particular scenes. Even if there was a spectacular moment, it wouldn’t matter if the scene before it didn’t go well. Technically speaking, Michael is a remarkable movie. We worked hard to attain technical mastery, but we didn’t focus much on the narrative. We were unable to tell the story we intended to. I was under pressure because I knew the outcome ahead of time.”
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