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Sunny Hinduja’s Malayalam debut will present him as an exorcist

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Actor Sunny Hinduja, who is all set to make his debut down south, gets candid with The Pioneer, sharing interesting tidbits about his debut.
With a fascinating new role, talented actor Sunny Hinduja is poised to make his mark in the southern film industry. He took to social media to offer an early look at his character. Sunny Hinduja, who has been well acclaimed for his energetic roles in series such as Aspirants and The Railway Men, is rumoured to be playing an exorcist in his highly anticipated South debut, which was revealed recently. Sunny was seen filming the movie in Kerala.
The newest star on the block tells us in an exclusive Tollywood interview, “I’m portraying a character that no one has ever heard of. It will come as a greater surprise than the movie I recently did, Yodha! As you correctly pointed out, Malayalam films do inspire ideas for advancement. However, my first film in the South will include aspects of comedy, horror, and suspense.”
The recently disclosed photos reveal that Sunny, will play a fascinating part. With his portrayal of an exorcist, the actor is stepping into unexplored ground, and fans can anticipate an enthralling and unique performance. “As of late, I’ve come to realise how much new perspectives on life are enhanced when we make films in other languages. I am currently learning about the culture and way of life of the ‘Keralan’ people, for instance, as I work on the Hello Mummy project. This enhances life’s experience as well! I am not biased towards any one genre,” added an excited Sunny for his upcoming South release.
Sunny recently posted a glimpse of his Hello Mummy look on social media, which fuelled rumours about his new appearance. The actor can be seen in the photos sporting rings and tattoos on his fingers, suggesting that the fantasy play he is in may involve him as an exorcist! He remarks, “Even though it wasn’t my home ground, it was quite breezy to do that,” in reference to forming new relationships in a new industry. “Individuals working in the south film sector are incredibly straightforward in all they do.” Sunny has demonstrated time and again his ability to enthrall audiences with his brilliance and range through a run of successful roles.
Sunny, who was most recently seen in Yodha as an antagonist, shared his thoughts about the same in the interview at the end — “I was offered the movie around a year and a half ago. The filmmakers were exceedingly gracious to grant me this role. They had seen Aspirants, and they thought I did a great job. Additionally, the role they provided for the movie was really unique. It was also a ‘Dharma’ movie, so I had no trouble accepting it. For me, doing action was incredibly difficult. Although I had never performed action before, I had to take training for this movie. Our South African stunt squad was called in, and they were very careful with their movements. They were excellent teachers. We rehearsed the fight scene numerous times before filming and choreographing the entire action scene. I had been nagging the action team to make sure I was doing it right.”
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