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Transco CMD skips 24-hour supply issue


Transco Genco CMD D. Prabhakar Rao said that quality power is being supplied to farmers and that there are no cases of crops withering due to lack of water. The CMD didn’t clarify on whether 24 hours of power is being supplied to farmers.

“Irrespective of politics, we are giving quality power. We have not got any complaints of crops withering. We are not in politics and don’t have any connection to politicians,” he said.

“Earlier, if there was power it came in the news, but now if there is no power then it is news. If there are any local problems or trees crashing there will be breakdowns. You cannot generalise and say there is no power. Haritha Haram trees have grown well. These trees are falling leading to supply breakdowns. Our officials are giving advance information to ensure that consumers do not suffer,” he said.

He said that due to the significant increase in electricity usage, 15,497 MW could be provided uninterruptedly in accordance with demand. With the strengthening of the power supply system, even if demand is 18,000 MW we will be able to supply it without problems. Electricity consumption for agricultural purposes has increased. As there are no rains consumption is almost like that in summer, he added.

The consumption of electricity in the state has increased from 3500 MW to 4000 MW per day compared to last year. Accordingly, he clarified that they are spending Rs 20 crore to Rs 25 crore per day to purchase electricity.
Transco and Genco CMD Prabhakar Rao visited the Vemulawada Sri Rajarajeswara Swamy on Monday and conducted a special pooja.
Later, he spoke to the media. He said that due to the special supervision of Swamivari Daya and Chief Minister KCR there has been no power supply disruption in Telangana so far.

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