Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Swaminathan hailed TS Govt schemes: KCR

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Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao expressed deep shock at the demise of the Father of India’s Green Revolution, eminent agricultural scientist, Ramon Magsaysay Awardee and Padma Vibhushan MS Swaminathan.

The Chief Minister said Swaminathan brought revolutionary changes in India’s farming sector. India achieved self-sufficiency in food grain production due to the unstinted efforts put in by Swaminathan.KCR said that India achieved its green revolution through the experiments conducted by Swaminathan. As a result, the production of wheat, rice etc increased. Swaminathan is the first scientist who worked throughout his life to achieve food security, he said.

Swaminathan will be remembered forever by the country for developing crop varieties that suited the geographical conditions of all states.

The CM recalled that Swaminathan extolled the initiatives taken up by the Telangana Government for the development of the agricultural sector.

The CM recalled that the Magsaysay awardee appreciated the state government’s programmes for the development of irrigation, free electricity supply and lift irrigation schemes.

As a farmer, KCR said he was influenced by the recommendations of Swaminathan and his vision for the welfare of the farmer and sustainable development of the agriculture sector.

The CM said that Swaminathan’s inspiration is embodied in making Telangana a role model for India in the development of farming. Telangana, which was turned into a barren region in United Andhra Pradesh, is making wonders in farming today.

The TS Government fulfilled the wishes of Swaminathan who had said that Telangana will flourish as the Seed Bowl of India through the optimum use of fertile lands.

The agricultural scientist was also delighted by the fast-paced development of the TS farming sector and had expressed his desire to visit the state at a recent meeting with state representatives.

KCR expressed regret that Swaminathan left for his heavenly abode without fulfilling his wish.

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