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Taking art off the wall and bring it into your living spaces

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Kyoona – a sustainable and premium design centric home furnishings brand, it exists to take art off the wall and bring it into your living spaces. Their exclusive designs put you in the curator’s seat and help you add a touch of charm and a tinge of whimsy to your oasis, your home.

The idea of the brand germinated from a gap that the founders noticed in the Indian market. This gap led them to curate high-quality, well-designed home linen for Indian consumers with breathable yet comfortable fabrics suitable for all temperatures.

Launched in August 2022 by Nupur Vaid and Minal Kejriwal, Kyoona is a premium home furnishings brand that has been creating eclectic designs combined with colours, patterns, and prints to uplift your living space. The brand delivers an array of product offerings crafted to perfection with 100% cotton sateen sheets with high-grade fabrics that are incredibly soft and wrinkle-resistant. The brand curated 16 designs from 14 artists worldwide to transform how we interact with art in our daily lives. The designs invite customers on a journey to simpler times, new adventures, and surreal playgrounds, which are often forgotten as we grow older.

Kyoona works with designers who bring their expertise to deliver bold, vibrant, contemporary, playful, and visually appealing artwork. They work closely with highly talented and acclaimed artists and illustrators like Karan Singh, BigFatMinimalist (Aniruddh Mehta), Shweta Malhotra, November (Shiva Nallaperumal & Juhi Vishnani), Sajid Wajid Shaikh and Shivani Parasnis, to name a few. The brand believes in scouting varied yet distinctive designs from across the globe to deliver the best for its consumers while transcending them into their imagination and beyond.

At Kyoona, you will find an extensive concept in design where each product is its work of art that comes together on the canvas that is your bed. The brand uses 100% recyclable cardboard, plastic, and reusable cloth bags that complete Kyoona’s journey to you, making every Kyoona product a fine example of sustainable luxury. This way, our hand-stitched products and a minimum-waste mindset ensure that every piece, from fibre to bed, embodies conscious practices with premium quality.

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