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TDP facing factional fury over Srikakulam seat

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The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has found itself embroiled in internal strife as the contest over the Srikakulam Assembly ticket is escalating. The district branch of the TDP, already grappling with internal divisions, now confronts fresh challenges stemming from discontent within its ranks. Amidst ongoing factional feuds within the party, the decision to consider allocating the Srikakulam Assembly ticket to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has ignited fury among TDP leaders and supporters. The move has sparked protests, with followers of Gunda Lakshmidevi besieging the residence of Srikakulam MP Rammohan Naidu.
Expressing vehement opposition to any candidate other than Gunda Lakshmidevi, protesters voiced their determination to contest against the chosen nominee, potentially jeopardising the MP seat as well. MP Rammohan Naidu intervened, attempting to pacify the agitated leaders and promising to address their concerns with the TDP leadership. The Srikakulam Assembly constituency has long been a battleground for rival factions, namely the Gunda and Gondu communities. Both factions are vying for the coveted ticket, with Gunda Lakshmidevi and the Gondu community emerging as prominent contenders. However, the lack of assurances from the leadership has intensified tensions within the party.
Seeking to consolidate support and counter the formidable challenge posed by Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP) candidate Dharmana Prasad Rao, TDP strategists are contemplating the selection of a candidate with significant financial and physical backing. Nevertheless, the prospect of allocating the ticket to the BJP is met with staunch opposition from TDP ranks, fearing electoral defeat in the absence of a substantial vote bank.
Amid escalating dissent, MP Rammohan Naidu has engaged in discussions with TDP leader Chandrababu, seeking clarity on the allocation of the Srikakulam Assembly seat. However, the specifics of their conversation remain undisclosed, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the issue. In a bid to placate disgruntled supporters, TDP leaders visited the residence of Gunda Appalasuryanarayana and former MLA Lakshmidevi. Emotional scenes unfolded as appeals were made to the Gunda family to maintain allegiance to the party, regardless of ticket allocation.

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