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TDP has richest MLAs among parties nationwide

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The declared assets of 19TDP MLAs total Rs1,311 crore. This is the highest for MLAs of any party across India. The average assets of TDP MLAs total Rs 69crore — highest in the country.

Among major parties, the average assets per MLA for 1,356 BJP MLAs analysed is Rs. 11.97 crore, for 719 INC MLAs analysed is Rs 21.97 crore; while 146 YSRCP MLAs have average assets worth Rs.23.14 crore and for 103 TRS MLAs the average assets total Rs14crore.

The total assets of 223 MLAs analysed from Karnataka is Rs 14,359 crore, those of 284 MLAs analysed from Maharashtra is Rs 6,679 crore, while 174 MLAs analysed from Andhra Pradesh have total assets worth Rs.4,914 crore.

In all, 118 MLAs analysed from Telangana have total assets worth Rs.1,601crore at 8th position among the parties. The highest total assets of YSRCP MLAs, at third position, is Rs 3,379 crore. For the TRS, it is Rs 1,443 crore and for TDP, it is Rs 1,311 crore.

YSRCP, TRS and TDP MLAs have the highest assets among regional parties. In all, 146MLAs of YSRCP have 33,79,14,33,985 assets. 103 MLAs of TRS have 14,43,70,17,480 assets.
19MLAs of TDP have 13,11,81,26,211 assets.

The total assets for 1,356 BJP MLAs analysed is Rs. 16,234 crores, for 719 INC MLAs analysed is Rs 15,798 crores, for 146 YSRCP MLAs analysed is Rs 3,379 crores, for 131 DMK MLAs analysed is Rs 1,663 crores and 161 AAP MLAs have total assets worth Rs.1,642 crores.

The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) &the National Election Watch (NEW) have analysed the self-sworn affidavits of sitting MLAs in State Assemblies and Union Territories across the nation. This data has been extracted from affidavits filed by the MLAs prior to contesting their last elections.

A total of 4001 MLAs out of 4033 have been analysed across 28 State Assemblies and 2 Union Territories. This report covers 4001 sitting MLAs belonging to 84 political parties and Independent MLAs.

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