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TDP-JSP-BJP alliance has no concern for North Andhra: Botsa

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In a scathing criticism of the TDP-JSP-BJP alliance, Education Minister Botsa Satyanarayana has accused the coalition of neglecting the interests of North Andhra and jeopardizing essential services for its people.
Speaking at a press conference in the city, the Minister highlighted several grievances against the alliance, ranging from candidate selection to disrupting pension distribution and hindering educational exams.
Minister Satyanarayana asserted that the alliance’s choice of a candidate for a key constituency in North Andhra demonstrated a lack of regard for the region’s aspirations. He emphasised that while the Constitution permits anyone to contest from any constituency, the selection should ideally prioritise individuals with a history of championing regional causes or possessing significant leadership credentials.
The Minister condemned the alliance for fielding what he described as a “lobbyist,” accusing them of disrespecting the self-respect of North Andhra’s people.
Furthermore, Minister Satyanarayana criticised the alliance’s actions regarding pension distribution, stating that their complaints had obstructed the process of disbursing pensions through volunteers. This disruption, he claimed, has now made it impossible for the government to transfer pensions via Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) due to the requirement of bank account numbers. The minister lamented the impact on elderly citizens who depend on pensions for their livelihoods.
In addition to pension issues, Minister Satyanarayana accused the alliance of attempting to impede the District Selection Committee (DSC) exams, sparking widespread dissent among the region’s youth. He condemned these actions, emphasizing the importance of educational opportunities for the younger generation.
Highlighting the alliance’s perceived contradictions, Minister Satyanarayana pointed out the irony of the TDP and JSP’s alliance with the BJP after previously criticizing the YSRCP for purportedly aligning with the same party. He called on the alliance to revoke its decision to privatize the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant before commencing its election campaign in the region. Minister Satyanarayana warned that the people of North Andhra would not hesitate to voice their discontent at the ballot box, indicating that the alliance’s actions could have electoral repercussions in the upcoming elections.

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