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TDP MP Kesineni slams brother Chinni

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TDP MP from Vijayawada Kesineni Srinivas (Nani) made some interesting comments against his own party on Sunday. The MP wished to bring reform in TDP and further said, “Apart from Kesineni Chinni, there are three other people. If the ticket was given to any of them, I will withdraw my support to the party.”

Addressing the media person on Sunday, MP Nani said, “I have clarity, I did not enter politics for corruption, I have not cheated anyone in life.”

He targeted a few leaders in TDP, he said that in a democracy anyone has the right to roam around Charles Sobraz, and Dawood Ibrahim, and people involved in sex rackets, and call-money rackets have the right to contest.

Seats can be given to good people like Mahatma Gandhi and even to people like Dawood Ibrahim, to land grabbers, womanisers, he said.

Nani said that Dr. NTR founded TDP with great ambition, if you want to work with that ambition, you can, if the party chief wants to give seats to such a people without character to sideline the party’s principles also, you can give them seats.

Nani further said, “I am a leader with influence in Delhi, my services can be used if the party wants to. I achieved this stage with my own image and brand and could bring Tata Trust to extend their services in the constituency.”

The MP made it clear that if Kesineni Chinni is given the seat in the party, I will not support him. He further said that if a poor person with character is given a seat, my support will be extended. But will not support cheaters, land mafia dons, real estate fraudsters, people who run gambling dens, he added.

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