Thursday, November 30, 2023

Telangana government announces holidays for Diwali, Christmas and Sankranti

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The Telangana government, which has recently finalized the holidays for Dussehra and Bathukamma festivals, has also announced Diwali, Christmas and Sankranti holidays for educational institutions. Only one day off for Diwali festival. Five days of holidays have been announced for Christmas in the month of December.

Missionary schools will have Christmas vacation for five days from December 22 to 26. Other schools have given holiday only on Christmas (December 25).

A six-day holiday has been announced for Sankranti, another big festival coming this academic year. Bhogi, Sankranti and Kanuma Festivals have been finalized for a total of six days as holidays for educational institutions. It is to mention here that 13 days holiday has been announced for schools from October 13 to 25 for Dussehra and Bathukamma.


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