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Telangana on Krishna waters utilisation

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AP used more than its share


Telangana requested the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) to be strict on calculations of Krishna Water utilisation by Andhra Pradesh. The meeting of the three-member committee of the KRMB was held on Friday at Jala Soudha. During the meeting, the Telangana ENC asked KRMB to calculate the share of Krishna water in the current year. This is needed so that the actual utilisation of water will be clear. Telangana has already complained that AP has used more than its share of Krishna water this year. The Board was asked to be strict in water calculations.

Andhra Pradesh ENC Narayana Reddy had informed in advance that he cannot attend the meeting as he had to visit the Polavaram Project. The meeting was conducted with Member Secretary of KRMB, DM Raipure and Telangana ENC, Muralidhar.

The Telangana ENC informed the Krishna Board that they will use the 141 TMCs available to them. TS requested that a full-fledged meeting of the Krishna Board should be held soon. ENC Muralidhar asked for a full meeting as the Board has a new chairman. It may be mentioned here that Shiva Nandan Kumar took charge as the new chairman of the KRMB on January 31.

The ENC suggested that all issues must be discussed in that meeting. The three-member committee is likely to meet again in the first week of March.

Krishna river water sharing issues between TS and AP have been going on for the last eight years. TS wants Krishna water sharing in 50:50ratio between two states. KRMB agreed to keep the 66:34 water share between TS and AP. AP wanted the water sharing in 70:30, but the board rejected it.

It may be mentioned here that on February8, In assembly Finance Minister Harish Rao said that the state will definitely file a case in the Supreme court over sharing Krishna waters with Andhra Pradesh. He said, “In the case of Krishna river we are also worried.

Within ten to fifteen days of the state’s formation, the Chief Minister himself wrote a letter to the then Minister of Water Resources, Uma Bharati, that the share of water in Krishna water should be settled. But it’s not resolved. After a year we waited and went to the Supreme Court. When the Minister of Jal Shakti assured that he will solve it, the case was withdrawn in the Supreme Court. But ten months have passed. Nothing has been done yet. If the BJP leaders have sincerity, get the Krishna water share which is pending with the center. After a few days we will definitely file a case in the Supreme Court”.

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