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Telangana state to adopt global education policies

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For drawing a line on the number of increased crimes students are indulging in, a high-level meeting was conducted by the Telangana State Council of Higher Education on Thursday.

The officials expressed the need to work on security measures, support systems and discussed counselling before classes begin, helpline number, women officers to female students and lighting system in educational institutions. The decisions were focused on adopting the policies of national and international institutes of education in Telangana.

On asking whether there was any survey about studying the international policies, Prof R Limbadri, Chairman, Telangana State Council of Higher Education, said that there, the educational institutes are monitored by the police and there is coordination between departments on what is happening on the premises of the institute.

As part of Osmania University, which registers more crime by students in protest against attacks on girls, the University Vice-Chancellor Prof Ravinder, said that they were looking up for a proposal of adopting optic fibre line technology around the university which will send an alarm on who is entering into the campus. This technology will be first experimented near any one of the girl’s hostels and after it, looking at the feasibility, they will install the technology.

P Sabitha Indra Reddy, Minister for Education, M Mahender Reddy, Director General of Police, Navin Mittal, Commissioner of Collegiate and Technical Education, V Karuna, Secretary, Education Department and other officials from the police department and Vice-Chancellors of universities in Telangana attended the meeting.

Prof Limbadri emphasised that the meeting will be a historical one in the year 2022. He focused on a few best practices which are needed to protect the students from threats and assaults, may they be physical, social or psychological. He stated that effective security measures must be adopted to ensure that students learn in an environment that remains safe and secure.

Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy appreciated the departments of Higher Education and the police department for gathering here to discuss the security measures and support system for students in educational Institutions. She requested to bring changes in the system followed in educational institutions while taking security measures in security. She proposed the Council to constitute a committee with the education department, along with the police department to frame guidelines for bringing an Anti-Ragging Act.

Universities should encourage appointment of student counsellors and installation of CCTVs for effective monitoring. She requested the Higher Education department to monitor private hostels and private coaching centres.

The officials noted that there may be a GO, Rules or Act on the safety measures. They all were hinting at implementation of equity between teachers, students and motivating the students to speak up on their issues.

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